Tailwind Tribes: Everything You Need to Know to grow your blog (+20 Tribes to Join!)



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Tailwind is more valuable than just automating your Pinterest account. Its new feature, called Tailwind Tribes, picks up where Pinterest group boards left off.  

This post will walk you through EVERYTHING related to Tailwind Tribes, including how to share them and what to expect from them. I also include a list of over 20 tribes with links that WORK (because we have all opened that blog post loaded with broken Tailwind links before). 

Using Tailwind Tribes is a great way to boost your Pinterest game and gains tons of blog traffic.


If you haven't already noticed, there have been major changes to the Pinterest algorithm.  These changes, along with poor pinning habits, have created a bit of a problem with group boards.  What used to guarantee bloggers both virality and traffic, is no longer a dependable method of marketing. 

That's where Tailwind Tribes comes in.  It improves reciprocity and collaboration. Instead of the usual "pinning your own and forgetting" movement that is wrecking boards in Pinterest, Tailwind is forcing users to participate, which is beneficial to all of us.

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There are two main aspects to Tailwind:

  • Scheduling

  • Tribes

It's important to understand Tailwind scheduling, first.

It's an application that allows you to schedule your pins throughout the day (to be pinned at the perfect times). Most people can't be on Pinterest all of the time. Therefore, Tailwind posts your pins for you.  This not only helps your pins gain exposure, but it also pins at the perfect times to help you rank higher in the Pinterest algorithm.

It really just saves you a ton of time - while allowing you to get a significant amount of re-pins. 

This is why the Tailwind scheduler is used by thousands of bloggers, many of which have experienced great success. 

However, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • Tailwind doesn't replace the need to put time into the platform.

  • Tailwind only works if it's used with an overall quality Pinterest plan.

You can find the plan I use right here.

There is a brief description of Tailwind scheduling below. 


Now, where Tailwind really shines is in it's tribe's feature.

Now, where Tailwind really shines is in its tribes feature. 

Tailwind Tribes are essentially Tailwind's version of group boards. They allow multiple users to contribute content to a large audience, similar to Pinterest's group board feature.  However, in return they require you to add other member's content to your scheduler. 

Therefore, tribes not only gives you more exposure, but puts you in front of some of the Pinterest's biggest users.  One repin from them and you'll have thousands of eyes looking at your content. 

Below I've compiled a few differences to help you understand the purpose of Tailwind better.

Tailwind Tracks Pins VS Repins

This is nice because it's a simple way to remind the users to pin other people's content while simultaneously moderating the group boards. Pinterest group boards only work when people collaborate and repin other people's pins. Tailwind Tribes enforce that factor.  

As a moderator, it's also incredibly easy to see who is NOT reciprocating, and it's even easier to remove them.  This helps keep the maintain high quality tribes.

Easier to Join than Group Boards

Most group boards require emailing an administrator (many of which don't reply). This can take a lot of time, with little return.  

However, with Tailwind, you only need to request to join the platform. Most tribes you gain access to instantly. 

No more finding, writing, begging, and not getting a response - like you often do with Pinterest group boards. 

Allows Other Members to Schedule Your Pins to be Posted on Their Boards

As previously mentioned, when you are posting to a tribe, you are allowing other members to schedule their pins in their Tailwind scheduler. These pins will then be pinned on Pinterest at a later time (assuming they don't clear out their Tailwind feed).  

This can help your pin receive massive repins and rank higher in the Pinterest algorithm. Ranking higher usually means more click throughs and therefore more traffic, which is the ultimate goal of all of this in the end. 

Your Reach Can Be INCREDIBLE

The number of people you can reach for one tribe is incredible. For example, look at the image below:


Tailwind Tribes dashboard. Look at the reach you get by pinning to the tribes. This is part of the reason why Tailwind can be such a valuable asset.

As you can see, the reach on "Adrian's Tribe, is 260,800 people.  That's a LOT of people that could potentially see your pin.  

Keep in mind that there are tribes with much higher reach, AND you can join as many as you want. Do you see how this can bring you significant exposure?


By contributing content to Tailwind Tribes you allow your pins to be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of Tailwind users. If you have high-quality content and attractive pins, many of these tribe users will add your pins to their scheduler. This can generate a large number of repins, helping you rank higher in the algorithm and having more eyes on your content. As previously mentioned, some of the biggest Pinterest accounts use tribes. Therefore, by being on Tailwind tribes as well, your chances of getting a repin from them goes up tremendously.  A repin from a big account means big results. 

Tailwind Etiquette

Follow the rules, but make sure to distribute as many of your pins to as many tribes as possible. If you feel overwhelmed, then choose niche specific tribes over generic ones.  

Keep in mind, you can literally sign up for as many as you can find. I have over 25 and counting. The more eyes on the pins, the more opportunity for repins and for people to check out my website.  

However, make sure  to contribute and manage them. They can be very time-consuming. I often find it's a good "tv" task.  When my husband and I sit down for a TV show or a late night movie, I usually catch up on my tribe counts. 


I've heard some pretty crazy comments about Tailwind Tribes that I'd like to correct. 

Many times, people assume that they should be seeing traffic from Tailwind on their analytics. But this isn't the case, nor is it suppose to be.

Yes, you can receive direct traffic from Tailwind.  This happens if someone chooses to check out the pin directly in the tribe (like by clicking a pin in the image I previously mentioned).  However, that's not its main purpose. It's primarily meant to increase pinning rates added to people's Tailwind schedule.

Therefore, your Pinterest referrals should reflect your work on tribes.  It's OK that any Tailwind referrals are minimal - that's not the purpose. 

However, if you do happen to get traffic directly from Tailwind, more power to you. 


To access tribes, first sign up for Tailwind by clicking here . In fact, by using my link you even get a free trial.

Remember, the first month is free with my link.  The following months are $9.99/mo for the annual plan and $15.00/mo for the month to month plan (I have the annual plan). 

Previously, you would have been required to have a link to a direct Tailwind Tribes to be able to join.  However, since they've rolled out the official version, you are now able to search for tribes to join. 

Looking for a tribe right now? Then you can gain access to my own tribe: Blogging Traffic Tips that reaches over 1.4 million impressions by simply clicking here . I have a list of all other tribes listed below (you can thank me later!)

Once you are signed up, finding the tribes feature is easy.  To start you have to click on an invite link (like the one I just gave you above) once you accept you will be redirected to your Tailwind dashboard.  You will find the tribes feature on the dashboard (per the image below).

Once you click on Tribes, you will have access to ALL of the ones you signed up for.

In the Tailwind dashboard, notice the TRIBES feature


*Tailwind has since adjusted the way they allow members to join tribes. The below methods STILL WORK; however, tribes can also be found by searching once you sign up. 

I'm sure you have seen tons of Tailwind invite posts floating around. They promise you a long list of tribes to join, but you only find a bunch of links that no longer work. 

I know I have, almost every one in fact. 

Thankfully Stephanie, from Blog and Create, shared a special tip on how to share tribes and KEEP the right link. 

So why are so many links expired or broken in the first place? Because they are sharing the "accept links" and not the "join links". 

Originally, I thought that you had to request links from the tribe owners. However, that is NOT the case.  

Although you just can't copy the link from your URL bar, you can copy link addresses straight form posts. 

For example, simply RIGHT click (or click with two fingers on a MacBook) on one of the tribe links below.  When you do this, it should say "copy link address" or "copy link location" something of that nature, depending on which browser and OS you are using. 

Then, when you paste the link, it should have the word "join" embedded within it. For example:


Is a proper join link. 

The link:



If you are looking for a list of tribes you can join right now, I've provided them below!   Keep in mind that I will be periodically expanding this list, so make sure to check back. 

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