10 Crazy Social Media Tricks EVERY Marketer, Blogger, and Business NEEDS to Know

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Social media is the future of marketing. Of course succeeding in social media requires having clear goals and quality content. This means high quality pictures, video, and captions. However, it also requires knowing a few of the “secret” tips and tricks that help get that content in front of a larger audience.

From proper use of hashtags on platforms such as YouTube, to sharing Facebook content in the right groups, there are an endless amount of tricks that will revolutionize your social media game. The best part of these tips are that they require minimal effort but provide significant gain. Below I go through a few of the secrets, how to use them, and why it’s important for your marketing plan.


1. Invite the people who like your posts to like your page.

When you look at who has “liked” your post you can also have them like your page.

When you look at who has “liked” your post you can also have them like your page.

One of the easiest ways to grow your page is to use the “like” tool next to people’s names. By doing this you are inviting them to “like” your page which many will definitely do.

To accelerate this process, you can also boost a post to gain more prospective likes. When a post is “boosted” it is shown outside of your current audience but to a demographic you choose. Even a five dollar boost can help your content be shown to a much broader demographic. Therefore this allows more people who aren’t following you to ‘like” your content. The more people you can “invite’ the more potential they turn into page “likes”.

I have an entire article dedicated to increasing engagement on all platforms that can be found here.

2. Share your page’s video to big Facebook groups.

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Facebook groups are one of the most valuable parts of Facebook. However, there are two main reasons why I mention them in this guide.

1) They can accelerate your page’s growth.

2) They can give you a high number of video views.

When you take a video from your own page and share it to a group your views will grow tremendously. If people like what they see then your page follows will grow tremendously as well.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start dropping your videos in any and every group you find:

  • Make sure to follow the group rules (sometimes promotion isn’t allowed).

  • Make sure to share from your page to gain views and followers (uploading to their group won’t accomplish this in the same way).

  • Be careful to not oversaturate groups with the same niche or else people will get sick of your content really fast and you may even become blocked.

  • Videos that do well with your current audience will likely do well in niche specific groups. Share it to two or three different groups and see how it performs. If it performs well, don’t be afraid to drop it in additional groups in the future.


3. Use hashtags on YouTube videos to reach a targeted audience.

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Did you know that YouTube has adopted hashtags as well? That’s right, it’s not just for Instagram and Twitter any more. To do this, all you need to do is add three hashtags anywhere within your description. They will automatically show up in your title. Having your videos categorized into these tags allow your videos to be seen by more people.

4. Use the TubeBuddy extension to creep on other people’s YouTube.

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A great way to learn what is working for other people (as well as all of their metrics) is to use the TubeBuddy extension for Chrome. Not only does it help you find best practices, but it helps show you which tags to use in your video. By using tags and keywords from other successful videos in the same niche, you have a better chance of showing up as “recommended” when their video plays. This can help quadruple your views!

5. Add a subscribe link to gain subscribers quicker.


This is another neat tip. When browsing, you will notice many YouTube personalities using a subscribe link as pictured above. This is a shortcut that allows users to quickly subscribe (while also reminding them to do so). The more you encourage them to subscribe the more likely they are to do it.

To do this, all you need is your channels link and the ?sub_confirmation=1 modifier. For example, go to your page and copy and paste your URL. Mine is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCguFClYXRte1XA1d7gw0d7A

However, to add an easy subscribe button, I would need to add the /?sub_confirmation=1 addition. This changes it to:


As you can see, when people click that link the subscribe button pops up. To shorten that link (lets face it, it’s obnoxiously long) you can use a link shortener such as https://bitly.com/.


6. Use the CutStory app for longer Instagram stories

Have you ever wondered how people can have Instagram stories that last for 5 minutes instead of 15 seconds (which is Instagram’s story limit)? Each story seamlessly blends to the next, looking like there is no time limit at all. This is beneficial because it allows the content creators to advertise more freely, connect better with their audience, and deliver much more valuable content.

They do this by using an app called CutStory. This app allows users to take long videos and breaks them up into 15 seconds clips that blend seamlessly together. The best part is that the app is completely free.

You can find out more on CutStory here.

7. Use Broad Hashtags in stories for more followers

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One of the best ways to create a passive Instagram following is to use broad hashtags on Instagram stories. By doing this, your stories have the chance to rank in the hashtag’s story; therefore, people browsing those hashtags will have a chance to come across your post. If they like what they see they will follow you.

There is a full tutorial I have called “How to Gain Instagram Followers Using Stories”.


8. Use Tailwind Tribes to reach a bigger audience faster for Pinterest.

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Let me start by being honest and saying that Tailwind is definitely not needed for Pinterest success. However, it can sure help with it. In fact, Tailwind Tribes is one of the best features available for new bloggers and marketers to get their content in front of huge accounts. This allows for more rapid growth.

I have an entire article on Tailwind Tribes you can find right here.

You also can get one free month by checking out this link .

9. Find Your Pins that Other’s have Repinned (traffic bonus)

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This tip is a game change. As you know, Pinterest is a traffic driving machine. One of the best ways to utilize this traffic is to re-pin other people’s pins of your content. Do this by using the URL: pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.

For example, to find all of my pins that are getting re-pinned by other people, I would use the link pinterest.com/source/nicolestone.com.

Therefore I can find all of the pins from this site (nicolestone.com). I repin those like crazy!

10. Require people to pin your content before allowing them into your group boards

Group boards are a must for bloggers and marketers. Therefore, developing successful group boards is a huge benefit. Once you have a board with active members, you can start requiring new members to fulfill tasks to gain access to this board. One of these is requiring them to pin “x” amount of your pins before you let them in. Don’t feel bad for doing this - it also vets people who will contribute from those who don’t.

For example, I require all prospective members to re-pin from my Nicole Stone Blog board before gaining access. Most people have no problem doing this. That means a lot of more Pinterest authority for you!

You can find my entire guide on Pinterest group boards here.


The key to social media success is providing consistent, quality content and then utilizing a strategy that will help get that content in front of others. This means using every tool available to you to get in front of an audience. By using these tricks, you will definitely see a benefit

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