How to Go From 0 - 200K Pageviews a Month From Pinterest Traffic!

This is the Pinterest strategy that is changing my website traffic.

*This post contains an affiliate link, BUT I bought it with my own money and believe it's the BEST investment in improving your blog traffic. 

Are you trying to get Pinterest traffic, but it's just not working? I've been there. With the new Pinterest algorithm changes, it seems even more challenging to get viral pins than before. Thankfully, I have a Pinterest strategy to help boost your account.

For those who jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon years ago, good for you. For those of us who are trying to make it with Pinterest now, good luck. 

It's getting more challenging, and if you aren't putting time into developing a high quality account, you may never see luck from the platform. 

But if you aren't afraid to put in time, effort, and some learning, Pinterest can be the answer to your prayers. 

To help you understand what I mean, let's start with the basics. 


Pinterest is the main source of traffic for MOST bloggers (including me). It can revolutionize your blog and make you an income generating machine.  

Just as long as you know what you are doing.

I made some huge Pinterest mistakes in the beginning. This killed my authority on Pinterest.  You can hear about in the video below.  Just know, not having a niche, and rebranding can cause some serious harm in your Pinterest rankings. As content creators, and not consumers, this authority is incredibly important. 

Pinterest needs to know that our audience LOVES TO SHARE our content, and therefore, it will keep pushing our content to other people. If it doesn't seem like our audience loves what we are putting out, we aren't going to get anywhere fast.



At one point, I had group boards, rich pins, vertical pins, Tailwind, Boardbooster, and every other hack in the book, but I wasn't seeing any results. 

I was getting desperate for that viral pin.

Why wasn't I getting it?

Well, because I didn't understand that platform. No trick in the book can replace knowledge and a deep understanding of social media algorithms. 

I didn't have a niche. My content wasn't matching my audience, so it wasn't getting repined.

I had no authority. 

I'm not saying you need to be stuck to one topic, but having a group of related topics is truly the way to go. That way, you can satisfy your audience.


The first thing I did was invest in the most affordable, and highly reviewed course I could find

As a blogger,  you are NEVER going to stop learning. There is always somebody better, who will help you become better. 

This course ended up being a cheap ebook (the same one you can find here), and subsequently the best blogging purchase I've ever made.

It brought me back to the basics, improved my understanding of the platform, and taught me exactly how to pull my account out from the gutter.


Yep, it also convinced me to switch to pinning manually.  I still use Tailwind for the Tribes feature, but my Pinterest account completely rebounded when I start pinning myself.  Part of this is probably built into the algorithm, the other part is probably because I push content through more heavily.

Fun fact, Tailwind doesn't truly "repin" it just makes a copy of the pin. 

My account has now grown to over 2,000 followers, and I'm receiving over 400,000 Pinterest views a month.

It was only 90,000 a couple months ago. 

Engagement rate is increasing, but not as much as reach.  This is due to my audience not being in my blogging niche (like I said, I had a backwards account). 


More expensive courses and tools don't equate to more value (unlike what some marketers make you believe). You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on automation tools either.

This book is only $32, and $28 if it's on sale. If you are a new blogger, this is a much better investment than paying $15/mo or $140/yr for Tailwind. 

I do truly think success with manual pinning has to do with recent Pinterest algorithm changes.  If everyone uses third-party programs to pin, that doesn't necessarily benefit Pinterest.

But it's not just pinning manually that's helping. I'm understanding my audience, I'm optimizing for keywords,  and I'm using Google analytics to pin my active pins, instead of just pinning from the same board over and over again. 

I've purchased over 20 courses/ebooks. 

If you want to learn more, like I did: you can buy it by clicking here. I bought it with my own money, and I can truly say it was the best $28 I've ever spent.  I'm also able to be an affiliate for the course now, so it's paid for itself (one more reason why you want it!)


Keep in mind, I have wasted money on horrible courses before (many).  So I welcome ALL of you to try out this course and contact me with other courses you want an opinion on (I can tell you which one sucks if you want - email me at 

I actually have an entire article on the cheap and FREE courses that I recommend. I've been through 50 + and I name my top 10 in the post below.

Ultimate Cheap and Free Blogging Courses For Bloggers of Every Level

about the creator

I like to know the background story of these products and their creators, so here is hers. 

A little background:

The book is written by Carly Campbell, and she does a fantastic job breaking down her manual pinning strategies on how she went from 0 - 200,000 page views a month by doing nothing but manually pinning (and of course having an optimized profile, which she elaborates on). 

She was tired of looking for Pinterest advice that was only a sales pitch for Tailwind and Boardbooster (which I totally agree - part of the reason I bought her book to begin with).  At the time, she couldn't afford to spend money on an auto pinner so she learned how to gain traffic pinning manually (wish I read her book before wasting money on some of them!).  

  Grab the book here!

Grab the book here!

Manually pinning, almost unheard of now days isn't it?  After putting effort into figuring out the algorithm and not just "closing her eyes with Pinterest" she was able to get 200,000 page views a month! It took her only 3 months to achieve this. #goals!

You can read more about how she is getting 3,000 pageviews a day here. 

My Traffic? Up 10,000 pageviews this month. Thank you, Carly. 

Here is a brief overview of the book and what I found exceptionally beneficial:

  • Improving your Pinterest profile
  • Explaining Pinterest keywords and how to improve them (things I didn't think about previously)
  • Deeper look into what makes a viral pin
  • How to use analytics to boost your pins
  • Pinterest algorithm details - including what the Pinterest algorithm looks for in a pin & your boards
  • Manual pinning strategies that boosted her page views to over 200,000 a month
  • Advanced techniques using Tailwind and Board Booster WITHOUT PINNING WITH THEM (for all of you who already wasted your money... ;)

I 100% recommend this resource

Since my blog is dedicated to ways of making money to free us of the 9 to 5, I had to share this strategy.  Traffic = money and Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic there is.  


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How I tripled my Pinterest traffic