How to Go from 0 - 200K Pageviews a Month from Pinterest traffic!

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How I am finally gaining Pinterest traffic! And how you can too...

Pinterest got you down? I've been there. It seems that all of the big bloggers get the majority of their traffic out of Pinterest.  However, that wasn't me. 

After hearing about all of the negativity surrounding expensive Pinterest courses, I couldn't get myself to pay hundreds of dollars for one, despite how desperate I've been to receive Pinterest traffic. Thankfully, I found a solution, with incredible results, that are well within my budget. After trying out (and paying way to much) for way too many courses, I finally found one I was happy with.

Gain Pinterest Traffic

This course has taught me all sorts of new information about Pinterest (I thought I knew everything) AND has me pinning manually. I LITERALLY SEE SPIKES IN TRAFFIC WHEN I PIN MANUALLY.

How did I figure this all out? By one steal of a deal course.  It's called:

---------------> Pinteresting Strategies <-----------------

and it's been the most affordable resource I've bought yet... and I paid only $28 for it

Best of all, there were actually things I didn't even know! Including in-depth strategies in using analytics, advanced SEO techniques, and everything you need to know about manual pinning. 


The book is written by Carly Campbell, and she does a fantastic job breaking down her manual pinning strategies on how she went from 0 - 200,000 page views a month by doing nothing but manually pinning. Something that will not only save us money, but will BRING US MONEY.

Since reading it? In one week I doubled my Pinterest traffic.

The best part? If you don't have the money, you don't need Tailwind or Boardbooster.  

To be transparent, I still do use Tailwind for its numerous features... especially for Tailwind Tribes and knowing the last time I pinned to certain group boards.  But this book proves that you DO NOT NEED IT. 

A pretty good deal isn't it?

She was tired of looking for Pinterest advice that was only a sales pitch for Tailwind and Boardbooster.  At the time, she couldn't afford to spend money on an auto pinner so she learned how to gain traffic pinning manually.  Almost unheard of now days isn't it?  After putting effort into figuring out the algorithm and not just "closing her eyes with Pinterest" she was able to get over 100,000 page views a month! It took her only 3 months to achieve this.

-----------------> 2,000 to 3,000 page views per DAY in less than 3 months <----------------------

Now she gets over 2,000 - 3,000 PAGE VIEWS A DAY.  If you aren't sold, then I don't know what else I can tell you!

You can read the rest of her story HERE. 

My History With Pinterest

I was in the same situation as a lot of you are. After hearing so much negativity surrounding Pinterest courses, I wasn't about to purchase a class for hundreds of dollars when I'm struggling to make five. Thankfully, someone recommended Pinteresting Strategies by Carly ... and I've already doubled my Pinterest traffic after a week.

I would love to post about how I did it, EXCEPT I didn't figure it out. She did. All I can do is recommend you to invest the $30 for a great return. You can click here to check out her book.

Grammarly Writing Support

I rebranded my blog and promised that I would learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic.  All over the internet, you find bloggers who receive over 100,000 page views a month from Pinterest.  This is insane, considering I struggled to get 50.  Finally, I gave in and decided that I needed to purchase something to help me out, but I definitely can't afford to pay a few hundred for it. So I figured "why not" when I saw the price of $28. 

Here is a brief overview of the book and what I found exceptionally beneficial:

  • Improve your Pinterest profile
  • Explaining Pinterest Keywords and how to improve them (things I didn't think about previously)
  • Deeper look into what makes a viral pin
  • How to use analytics to boost your pins
  • Pinterest algorithm details - including what Pinterest looks for in a pin & your boards
  • Manual pinning strategies that boosted her page views to over 200,000 a month
  • Advanced techniques using Tailwind and Boardboaster WITHOUT PINNING WITH THEM

I 100% recommend this resource. There have been plenty of books and courses I've taken that I absolutely don't recommend.  However, I can't get enough of this one.  Since my blog is dedicated to ways of making money for adventure, I had to share it. Traffic = money and Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic there is for bloggers.  

You can get Pinteresting Strategies by clicking HERE. OR just remember

It will bring you straight to her ebook!

Have you tried Pinteresting Strategies? Let me know what YOU think!

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The Best Pinterest Course for Any Budget!

Click for the Pinteresting Strategies ebook! Only $32.

Click for the Pinteresting Strategies ebook! Only $32.