Traffic struggles? Lucky for you, I'm passing along my 5 biggest tips for gaining blog traffic!

Are you having a hard time gaining blog traffic, despite all of the advice you've been implementing from fellow bloggers on Pinterest?

Have you been trying multiple mediums, only to be lucky enough to gain an additional visitor a day from all of your extra work? Wondering how it can work so well for some people but not you?

Trust me, I totally get it.

Since starting my first blog? I've rebranded 4 times, paid for more domain names than I would have liked, and, at that time, had never exceeded 1,000 page views in traffic a month. So let me reiterate, I've been there.

However, within the last two weeks, everything changed. I now get about 1,500 page views a day and I'm excited to share my exact strategies with YOU (while they are fresh and relevant to new bloggers!) 


Now, let me start by saying that by scrolling to the bottom and signing up to my newsletter (that I will never bug you with) you will get access to tons of Facebook groups, group boards, courses, ebooks.. etc.  However, if you want to learn MORE before then, be sure to finish out the post!

I've never been a fan of Facebook, but since I saw what it can do for my blog and my skills, I've started to become a true believer in the platform. 

You can learn more about my personal Facebook journey by clicking the link below:

Let me tell you, utilizing the RIGHT boards can be a serious game changer and HERE IS WHY:

  • They push promotions
  • They hold competitions to drive traffic
  • They share Pinterest profiles and pins
  • They share unique strategies that can help your individual situation
  • The members can serve as mentors
  • They are an easy way to gain friends

However, the benefit of Facebook groups is directly related to the quality of moderation and contributors.

I learned quickly that joining too many of the wrong groups can cause havoc on your productivity and literally be a complete waste of your time. Therefore, I put together a checklist of what YOU should be looking for before joining any Facebook groups. 

Below are 5 signs of a high-quality Facebook group:

1. Highly Moderated

When group boards aren't moderated, it ends up being useless chaos.  Essentially everyone promotes and nobody contributes, which means a waste of time for the entire group. Well-moderated boards keep everyone accountable and contributing to each other's work. Which means more page views, social media promotions, and comments for everyone. 

2. A Set Schedule

When the moderator keeps a set schedule, it makes it so much easier for you to continuously contribute. For example, they may hold a blog post promotion on Tuesday, a Pinterest promotion on Wednesday, and a Twitter promotion on Friday.  Perhaps the blog post and Pinterest promotion are important to you, so you make sure to contribute those days. Maybe you don't have a Twitter account, so you don't have to waste anytime participating in that event.  Without a schedule, you end up missing big and important promotions and wasting time trying to play catch up on the board. If posts are too old, participating can even be a complete waste of your time.

3. Hold Competitions

These friendly competitions seem to really increase group participation.  A few of my favorite boards hold weekly blogging and participation competitions.  The reward? recognition and traffic, and it works! People love a little friendly competition, especially when they see the increase participation and a jump in their page views or social following. 

4. Participation is PRACTICAL

Group boards that require you to comment on 125 posts are a waste of time.  A lot of them will allow you to contribute your content, as long as you contribute to everyone else's, which is completely impractical.  Find groups that only require you to "repost 5 times" or simply trusts you in participating.

5. The Numbers Are Manageable

Having hundreds of members can be a huge benefit, having thousands of members can be detrimental.  If there is too much engagement, it can be chaotic, and your content can often get lost in the pack.  I recommend boards that have no more than a thousand... and I often times find that those with only a few hundred perform the best. 


Facebook groups can be a real game changer for all bloggers, but especially for new bloggers who haven't gained a tremendous amount of traffic from Pinterest. They help you find your "tribe", learn from others, and promote your site.  

Just remember to find the right tribes, the ones that regulate the board and encourage reciprocation. Also keep in mind that Facebook groups are very involved and can take up tremendous time. Therefore, I recommend keeping it to 4 or 5, and doing those WELL. Signing up for anymore is a full time job. 

I have compiled a list of boards for you to try below!  

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