The Ultimate Guide to Finding Pinterest Group Boards in 2018

Pinterest group boards are an important part of any marketing plan.  They allow you to connect with bigger audiences, share your content, and gain tremendous traffic. Of course, if you are reading this post, then you likely already knew that.

In the last few weeks, I've noticed that many people are struggling to find group boards to join. They often hear about "Pin Groupie" but are dissapointed when the boards aren't taking contributors (or are no longer operating all together).

Thankfully, there are tons of other ways you can find group boards without bothering with Pin Groupie all together.  Trust me, I know this.  I currently apply to about 25 a month (that I find organically), and am contributing to about 50 of them total (some I don't get into, and some aren't worth staying apart of).

 Learn how to find Pinterest Group Boards

Therefore, I'm excited to share this ultimate guide to Pinterest group boards for 2018.    Below I list real, simple ways you can find and join quality pinterest boards (plus I include a FREE list of boards you can join right now!)

Before we begin, here are a few things to consider when checking out group boards:

  • Make sure people are sharing quality pins. That means they are vertical with nice images and clear text. 
  • The more followers, the better (most of the time). The only time I've seen otherwise is when you can get a small group of 2 or 3 people who will repin your stuff constantly... even with a small follower count this can be incredibly benefical. 
  • Take "board repins" with a grain of salt.  Why? Because so many people use "auto pinners" such as Board Booster and Tailwind. These pins are "copies" not originals, which means they aren't counted towards the board. For example, when you schedule a pin with Tailwind, you are making a copy of that pin, not actually "repinning" straight from Pinterest.  Don't believe me? Read their F.A.Q here

In general, a board with a high follower count, high quality pins, and that are niche specific, will perform the best for you. 

Before are the 5 best ways to find these types of group boards. 


Most successful bloggers belong to numerous group boards.  The best part? These boards have a high follower count and usually produce high quality results. These are the boards you want to join!

For example, think of your 5 favorite bloggers and hop on their page. If you see a board with numerous faces in the circle (see below), it's a group board. Click on it, read the requirements, and apply. Most of the time, you will simply have to send them an email to added to the board.

 The above circle shows you that this board is a group board. 

The above circle shows you that this board is a group board. 



Facebook groups are not only a good way to interact, but also to find valuable resources.  This includes finding boards that are "open and looking for contributors". These are the EASIEST boards to join. 

At the moment there are 3 groups I can think of that post regularly: 

Additionally, multiple generic blogging and freelance writing boards have a "Pinterest Day" where you can share your boards and your pins. So be sure to check those out as well (you'll find those in the opt-in form below). 

I have a Pinterest day on my own Facebook group that you can find by clicking here. By simply joining my group, I will invite you to all of my boards.  After joinging my Facebook group, shoot me an email ( saying you want to join!


Many bloggers will giveaway Pinterest group board "lists" to increase their subscriber count.  

Take advantage of this.  By simply searching on Pinterest for "group boards" you will come across bloggers who are giving away 50 to 150 different boards you can join.  What a steal! Some of them will even go as far as including requirements, topics, and follower count in the free files they send you.

Of course this means that I am going to offer you the same deal.  Sign up below to receive my ultimate list of Pinterest group boards, Facebook groups, and Tailwind Tribes. These resources will explode your traffic.

If you haven't heard of Tailwind Tribes, you can read my post about it here.  By clicking this link, you also get 30 days free. Be sure to check it out!

Remember, there is a FREE list of group boards if you sign up below!


Once you are on a group board, you can keep finding new group boards by creeping on your fellow members profile. How? By clicking on the their profile picture. Here is an example: 

Pinterest Group Board


By clicking on their image, you will be brought straight to their profile, This is where you will find all of the other boards they belong to.  I guarantee if they are on one, they are on many more.  That's why I do this to every new group board I join.


I'm somewhat kidding, and somewhat totally serious. 

Applying to each group board takes time. Especially considering over half of them you may never hear from (although never be afraid to follow up). 

I'm becoming more and more convinced that having a high quality profile with high quality boards (of your own) is the way to go. Combine that with Tailwind Tribes (which is the best alternative to group boards possible) and you can have more success than with Pinterest group boards alone (and a lot less headache!)

Tailwind Tribes are very similar to group boards but enforce reciprocation, are MUCH easier to join, and shows you the exact statistics for every post you share. How can you beat that?

To learn more about Tailwind Tribes, read my post here. 



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For new and intermediate bloggers:

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 This is the ultimate guide for finding Pinterest Group Boards in 2018. There is no better way to boost your traffic then with group boards. No more Pingroupie, no more wasted time... learn how to join group bads NOW. #pinterest #groupboards #blogging