5 Unique Strategies That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

Let me guess, you NEED blog traffic.  You have your site built, you are active on social media platforms, and post regularly. 

But, nothing seems to be working. No matter what you do, your traffic seems to stay pretty stale.  


Well, I've been there. 

When things were slow, I took it upon myself to try different strategies. A few of these strategies REALLY worked (and a few did not).  

However, the ones that did work boosted my traffic by roughly 1,500 page views a day.

That's quite the bump in a matter of a couple weeks. 

Now, I'm not promising that this traffic is indefinite.  However, I know that some, if not all, of these hacks, will improve your traffic to some degree.

Below I step you through these 5 strategies, as well as give you a list of FREE resources to help you on your way. 

TIP #1: MANUALLY PIN on Pinterest

I'm hoping by now you are active on Pinterest.  If not, you NEED to be. Pinterest drives the majority of my traffic, and I truly believe it drives the majority of MOST blogger's traffic.  Therefore, make sure you are on it!

Bonus: If you are new or struggling to gain Pinterest traffic, I HIGHLY recommend you read this book on Pinterest. It made a world of a difference to me and it's what every blogger needs to know before they start gaining traffic.  You can also read a review about it in one of my latest blog posts

To the point: I'm not a fan of using Tailwind to schedule pins, so keep that in mind when reading this.  I believe that manual pinning is THE BEST method for gaining leverage on Pinterest. Why? Because I believe that Pinterest wants YOU to be active on their platform. However, even more importantly, Tailwind doesn't "repin".   Tailwind simply makes a copy of that pin and pins it to the desired board. Don't believe me? Read more about it straight from them.

Here is what I do:

  • Manually pin between 75 - 100 pins a day
  • 50% of the pinning is done to my own pins
  • My pins get spread out on multiple group boards
  • Other people's pins are only of high quality and get pinned to my boards

Because I'm a big fan of group boards, I have compiled a list of all niche boards that I participate in. These will help you gain leverage on the platform and get your content seen by a larger audience.

You can click here to join any of my 4 boards - just remember that you MUST be following me on Pinterest (or else I can't add you). You can do that by going to Pinterest.com/nicolekareen.

Be sure to grab my ultimate list of group boards, Facebook groups, and Tailwind Tribes below.

TIP #3: Use Tailwind Tribes

I don't use Tailwind to schedule the bulk of my pins, BUT I still have it. 


Because they have one thing that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It's called Tailwind Tribes, and it's the best invention since group boards. 

It's actually similar to Pinterest group boards, but tends to be easier to regulate.  Not only does it require reciprocation among members, but the number of people you can reach is absolutely incredible.  Just check out the image of the tribe below. 

Tailwind Tribe reach! Blog traffic tips

The reach on this particular tribe is over 940,000.  That's only one board! As you can see, I've also received 245 repins.  Those are pretty impressive numbers!

Best of all, Tailwind Tribes are simple.  It's something you can do while watching TV. 

All you have to do is use the Tailwind extension to add your pins to the platform. Then, when pinning from the tribes, you simply add them to your Tailwind cue. It's mindless and tedious work, making it perfect for a lazy evening on the couch. 

If you own a tribe, it's also easy to manage.  Each member has a count of their pin to repin ratio (pin:repin) which makes them participate at a much higher rate than Pinterest group boards. Best of all, you can see who contributes and who doesn't, therefore kicking out abusers is a breeze.

I have an entire post where you can learn more about Tailwind Tribes HERE, so I won't spend too much time elaborating on the process in this post. For more in depth information, refer to that one. 



Tip #3: improve your pins

One of the biggest changes I made within my Pinterest account was upgrading my pins.  For example, they went from looking like the image on the left to the one on the right.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 7.15.22 PM.png
PicMonkey Sample.jpg
Pinterest pin - blogging traffic

As you can see, there is the a BIG difference.  Upgrading my pins led to an instantaneous spike in traffic.  My repin and clickthrough rate sky-rocketed the week following the change.

MAJOR TIP: I changed my pin making software.

I was once a Canva user (like 90% of the bloggers out there).   However, I was introduced to this tool that makes editing and graphic design so much better!  It's both faster and more comprehensive than Canva! You will LOVE it. Be sure to grab it with the button below.



I've never been a fan of Facebook, but since I saw what it can do for my blog and my skills, I've started to become a true believer in the platform. 

You can learn more about my personal Facebook journey by clicking the link below:

Let me tell you, utilizing the RIGHT boards can be a serious game changer and here is why:

  • They push promotions
  • They hold competitions to drive traffic
  • They share Pinterest profiles and pins
  • They share unique strategies that can help your individual situation
  • The members can serve as mentors
  • They are an easy way to gain friends

However, the benefit of Facebook groups is directly related to two things:

1) How well the Facebook group is moderate.

2) The quality of the contributors who belong to it.

I learned quickly that joining too many of the wrong groups can cause havoc on your productivity and end up being a complete waste of your time. Therefore, I put together a checklist of what YOU should be looking for before joining any Facebook groups. You can find this checklist in my Facebook post



This is a new traffic source that I just started to dip my feet into, and I can tell you, I like what I see! This strategy isn't limited to Quora either. It will work on Reddit and any online forum as well. 

So how does this strategy work? By simply showing off your expertise.  

With Quora, I jump in on recent questions that I know the answer to.  I then respond to the question with an in-depth answer, without giving up too much information.  From there, I drop my link for further viewing. If your answer get's "up-voted" enough, it can drive significant traffic to your site. Some bloggers receive over 100,000 page views a day from this method. 

Be sure to grab my free list of Tailwind Tribes, Facebook Groups, and Pinterest Group Boards by signing up below! Boost your traffic!

putting it all together

It's a combination of all of these strategies that can make a difference in your blog. I recommend picking one of them and working at that for a period of time before moving on to the next.  Sometimes marketing can seem overwhelming; therefore, it's best to break it up into achievable actions.

Let me know, have any of these strategies worked for you?

Additionally, I have listed the courses recommend to EVERY blogger. Be sure to click on the link to access the resource:

Be sure to check out other blogging resources:

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