10 Instagram Tricks You Probably Never Heard Of!

I’ve been putting out a surge of social media tips lately. Many of them are in-depth articles filled with tricks that most social media users haven’t heard of.

However, let’s face it - sometimes people don’t want to read through 1,000 word articles to know the latest and greatest from Instagram.

That’s why I’ve compiled a quick list of Instagram tips that you should know - without any of the fluff.

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1 . Adding Hashtags to Stories for More Views

Add hashtags to instagram for more story views!

By adding hashtags to Instagram stories, you can gain more viewers instantly. In fact, adding broad hashtags to stories can allow you to reach an additional 500 to 1,000 people or more - most of which don’t follow you. This leads to greater reach and a chance to grow your audience.

All you have to do is pick a broad, well-performing hashtag and add it to your story. The important factor; however, is going to be how compelling your actual story is. Make sure to add a video clip and make it be something people will want to watch. “Time spent on story” really does matter and helps your content be shown to more people.

2. Adding Multiple Links to the Biography

Use LinkTree to add multiple links to your Instagram bio.

Although it appears that you can only add one link in your Instagram biography, you can actually add as many as you want. This is incredibly valuable because it helps direct your audience to where THEY want to go, keeping them more interested in your brand. For example, some of my followers want social media advice, some wish to watch YouTube videos, and many simply want to read my story. By having multiple options I can accommodate a diverse audience.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Using LinkTree (for those who don’t have access to their own site).

  2. Building a link page on your own site.

I actually have an entire post dedicated to breaking down both of these. Therefore, to learn the two different ways to add links, check out this tutorial!

3. Become Public Figure, Celebrity, or Whatever You Want

How to start an Instagram business account and become a public figure.

Instagram titles are actually incredibly important. It helps separate you as an influencer versus a general user. Essentially, the authority it gives you helps you gain more followers.

It’s simple to do this. You can literally become a public figure, blogger, celebrity or literally whatever you want with a click of a few buttons. All you need to do is have a business account through Facebook. This process takes only a few minutes to do. You can see the tutorial in the link below.

Here is a video tutorial on exactly how to become an Instagram public figure.

4. Save Posts for Future Reference

Save Instagram posts easily for future reference and reposting.

Have you ever scrolled an Instagram post that you want to reference for later? I use to take screenshots in these situations, now I simply use the “save” button as shown in the image above. This helps me reference content for future viewing. It also gives me content for re-sharing when the situation requires.

5. automatic story split

Instagram stories are now automatically broken into 15 second clips.

Say goodbye to the days when you had to use the cut-story app (or when you simply had to record in only 15 second increments).

Did you know that stories are automatically split now? All you have to do is keep recording and it cuts it into appropriate segments for you. Now you can literally talk as long as you want for as slow as you want.

6. Archive Posts You Don’t Want on Your page (They become Hidden but Not Deleted)

Archive old Instagram posts to keep them without having them on your Instagram feed.

Have you ever wanted to clean up your Instagram feed but are afraid of deleting photos and comments for personal reasons?

I know I have been. When branding my page, I find that I want to remove a lot of the photos and videos from the past. However, once I delete them I find that I eventually regret it. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with this dilemma any longer.

Instead, all you have to do is hit the three dots on the top right corner of the photo. Then a menu will popup as shown above. Once it’s up hit “archive”.

This will hide your photo but you won’t lose any of the data. This is perfect if you are rebranding or trying to add a consistent theme to your feed but have photos that don’t fit.

7. Share Your Instagram Story to Facebook (Story) Automatically

Save time by sharing your Instagram stories on Facebook.

Normally I would recommend NOT sharing directly from Instagram to Facebook. With a traditional post this is usually a big mistake and leads to post throttling. However, with stories it’s entirely different.

Stories do a great job of showing what you are up to in real-time. Therefore, staying up to date can be incredibly important. This, of course, is time consuming.

Since engagement tends to be relatively steady when you crosspost stories; I recommend killing two birds with one stone here.

To do this, all you have to do is open up your story settings and scroll down to the feature that says “Share Your Story to Facebook”. Turn this feature on (as shown above).

This will now allow all of your Instagram stories to also be posted on your Facebook story.

8. Add additional pages and hashtags to your bio

Add other pages and hashtags on your Instagram.

If you have multiple accounts (or represent accounts other than yourself) having those accounts directly linked to your profile is important. This helps improve brand awareness and pass followers onto those accounts.

For example, I have @ladiesofangling linked above to pass followers onto THAT account (to help it grow). I also have the @dsghunting added to pass on followers to THEIR account. This is a great leveraging tool to build partnerships with brands.

You can also do this with hashtags!

9. Repost other people’s content

Use the Repost app to post other people’s contest on Instagram.

Reposting content on Instagram is actually quite easy. All you need is an app.

There are plenty of options in the app store; however, a popular one is Regram or Repost. Here is how it works in brief:

  1. Download the Regram or Repost App

  2. Go to the photo on Instagram you want to repost.

  3. Select the three dots on the top right of the photo

  4. Click “copy link”

  5. Open up the Regram or Repost App

  6. Then the app will automatically detect the link and give you the option to repost

  7. You can add your caption and hashtags as normal

It’s a quick way to repurpose content, whether it be for an actual repost account or when working for a brand.


Request verification to get your blue Instagram check mark!

It’s no secret that everyone wants to be verified. This blue checkmark is the symbol of celebrity status in the world of social media. Traditionally you would have to wait until Instagram noticed you before you could get this mark.

However, now you can request it.

First let me state that not everyone gets a blue checkmark. In fact, I find that two factors really decide if you are eligible or not:

  • The size of your Instagram account

  • How popular you are across the internet

If you have a big Instagram account or are popular on other platforms I recommend you request it. If they say “no” that just means you can try again another time.

However, the bigger you get the more fake accounts will arise. That’s why having this mark can be really beneficial when building an audience and proving your authenticity.


The Instagram tips and tricks don’t end here. I’ve actually compiled an entire list of social media secrets that can help revolutionize your social media game. Just remember, quality of content comes first. Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Instead, have a content plan, high quality photos and video, and a way to connect with your audience.

Quality content comes first, the tips and tricks comes later.

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