How to Get More Instagram Story Views INSTANTLY!

I have a quick tip for gaining more views on your Instagram stories instantly.

One of the common complaints I receive from people is that they aren’t happy with the number of views on their story. Sometimes people with tens of thousands of followers will only receive a few hundred story viewers...on a good day.

If this is one of your concerns, then I have a just the solution for you. In fact, you will see results instantly if you follow the instructions correctly.


Above I received 1,700 story viewers with help from one simple strategy.

Above I received 1,700 story viewers with help from one simple strategy.

So how exactly does Instagram stories algorithm work?

There are four factors that seem to correlate with story views. These are:

  • The Number of Followers You Have

  • Engagements on Your Post

  • Engagements on Your Stories

  • How Many People Click to Watch When You Do Post a Story

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The Number of Followers You Have

Of course, the number one factor affecting your Instagram performance is the number of true, engaging followers you have. Fake followers definitely won’t get you anywhere. Earn your following. The more organic the following, the better the results.

Engagements On Your Post

How well your posts consistently perform has an affect on the number of organic story views you receive. For example, if you constantly receive between 800 and 1,000 likes on a given post, it seems that your organic story views (on average) will hover around those numbers.

Engagements On Your Stories

Another important factor is how well people are interacting with your story. If your story is considered engaging, people will:

  • Spend a longer time on it

  • Watch it all of the way through (not swipe right)

  • Take action (this includes viewing your profile, sharing your post, or messaging you on Instagram)

Instagram definitely analyzes this data as it’s occurring which influences how many people your story is shown to (like within the top 5).

How Many People Click On Your story historically

If you always click on certain person’s story, Instagram will always show that story front and center for you. The goal is to be that person for everyone else. To do this you are going to have to post engaging content.

If people get bored with what you post, they will stop clicking. If they stop clicking, Instagram will hide your story.

Therefore be aware of what you are posting.


However, improving your following and engagement takes time. So while you are waiting on that…I recommend you do the following.

Open up Instagram and the Story Tab

Step one is to simply open up your Instagram app and add a story.

First add an Instagram story from your profile or feed.

Upload a photo/video or (record one on the spot for yourself)

Next, you will need to upload a photo/video for your story OR create a new one on the spot. You can do either one.

I will often take longer form video, then when I’m at home or on the road, break them up to my preference and then upload it from my camera roll later.

However, it is just as acceptable to take a video on the spot and start throwing some hashtags on it!

THEN add a BROAD hashtag into your story.

Now it’s time to add a hashtag!

Do a little research first, and find a hashtag with at least 10,000 uses.. as shown below.

Then add that to your story (keep in mind, Instagram will test your engagement before showing it to people).

As you can see below, I added the fishing hashtag (#fishing) to my story. You can type it or add a sticker. Also notice the Instagram “suggestions” tab that recommends high performing hashtags.

Adding Instagram Hashtag.PNG

You can move the hashtag anywhere on your photo by holding it on your screen then sliding it to your desired location. For me, that’s often off to the side - and much smaller than shown above.

It can be a good idea to move the # to the corner of a photo or video.

It can be a good idea to move the # to the corner of a photo or video.

Then post your story!

Once you are happy with your story and have added a hashtag, post it!

View Your Result

Finally, check on your post and see your results. If you aren’t ranking for your hashtag, it’s likely because your content wasn't considered engaging enough. I highly recommend that you do keep notes on what performs well and what doesn’t.

As you can see below, the hashtag gained me hundreds of extra views (591 to be exact).

Adding hashtags to instagram.PNG


Instagram is all about engagement. You are competing against thousands of people every time you post. Therefore it’s important to make sure it counts. My advice is to take time to post engaging stories. Monitor how people interact, and be sure to add hashtags to help get more eyes on your content.

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