5 Hacks to Rapidly Grow Your Facebook Page for FREE

Facebook pages are one of the greatest resources for bloggers and businesses in any niche. This is because Facebook’s CTR (link click through rate) is incredibly high compared to other platforms. This makes Facebook invaluable.

For those who aren’t familiar, CTR is the metric representing the number of people who click on a link you share. This link can be a blog post, website, YouTube channel, email list, product for sale, and more. For most businesses, this link is the purpose behind having a Facebook page in the first place.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions about Facebook is that you have to “pay to play” now. This is absolutely not true, and I’m going to break down why this isn’t the case below.

facebook’s incredible return on investment

I started playing around with a Facebook page about a year ago. At this point I had little knowledge on how the platform actually worked (outside of my personal account). However, I didn’t let this stop me and instead kept posting and taking notes on the patterns that I noticed.

Then… I took Hannah Hudson’s “Beating the 1%” seminar (and eventually course) and my Facebook page engagement and growth went through the roof.

To further your knowledge you can check out Hannah Hudson’s website here - and if you want to learn more about the algorithm make sure to enroll in her HSH Teachable course.

I now reach tens of thousands of people for FREE. I did this by giving Facebook what it wants (organic content) and providing an interacting platform. You can check out my outdoor Facebook page here as evidence.

Over the course of roughly one year I’ve EARNED all of my likes and follows; therefore reaching tens of thousands of people.

For example, check out the post below:

I reach tens of thousands of people with 5,000 hard earned followers.

I reach tens of thousands of people with 5,000 hard earned followers.

I reached 25,989 people organically. Much of this is from my followers and then my followers sharing on their pages and in groups. Sharing is only a benefit if you:

1) Have built up quality followers and reach of your own (not just friends and family)

2) Your followers who share have built up engagement of their own.

Therefore having quality accounts engage in your content is essential to organic growth.

You have to earn your engagement or Facebook won’t show your content to anyone - even if it’s shared to a group.

To achieve this level of engagement, remember the golden rule: Facebook wants you (and everyone else) on their platform to stay on their platform for as long as possible. As I’ve discussed in numerous other posts this means:

  • Don’t treat Facebook as a billboard

  • Don’t pull from it frequently

  • Content is king - the more people who like the content you are posting, the more people your content will be shown to

  • Organic/native content is a must

In conclusion, you need to post high quality, original content frequently and then interact with the followers who interact with you.

Growing Your Page

Now, having 100,000 Facebook page ‘likes” or “follows” is useless if you reach no one. Unfortunately I’ve seen this time and time again with big accounts. I determine that:

1) They bought their followers

2) They ran their account to the ground by using it as billboard

You don’t want this. Take your time and do it right.

Now that we have established a baseline, below are 5 ways that you can grow your page and engagement for free.

5 free ways to grow your facebook page


This is a simple and an incredibly efficient method to grow any page. The key to this strategy; however, is to post quality content consistently. Don’t post links, re-shares, memes, or other content randomly. Instead, post organic/native content.

This is the content Facebook prefers and therefore will freely promote to other individuals. This allows more likes on each post. The more likes you have on a post, the more people you can invite to like your page as shown below.

Invite people to like your page when they like your post.

As you can see above, once you click on the “Likes” it will open up a platform to “Invite” people to your page. Do this by clicking the “Invite” button as shown by the red arrow above.

Do this on every Facebook post you choose to publish. Don’t be afraid to go back to old post and invite other people as well.


Facebook groups are incredibly beneficial to any marketing strategy. They help individuals make connections, support each other, ask questions, and even grow their Facebook pages.

In fact, I have an in depth article on Facebook groups called the “Secret Way to Explode Your Blog Traffic” if you wish to learn more.

One of the biggest ways it can help you grow your page is through sharing directly from your page to the group. The key to this is “sharing” and not directly posting. Many people organically post to groups, which is great, but not going to help you in this particular goal.

To help clarify I have added a tutorial below.

Share high quality Facebook posts directly to groups to reach more people and receive more views.

Share high quality Facebook posts directly to groups to reach more people and receive more views.

The post above has been shared in Facebook groups, thus leading to over 11,000 video views. Exposing this video to groups has also led to more views, increased engagement, and a significant increase in Facebook page likes and follows.

In case you aren’t familiar, I have set up step-by-step instructions to do this below:

  1. Go to the bottom right hand corner and select “Share” as shown in the image below.

Facebook Page Share Part 1.jpg

2. Next, you are going to want to select “share in a group”. This is NOT the default, therefore make sure you select the right one.

How to Share to a Page Instructions.jpg

3. Finally, type in the box the name of the group you want to share to and add a quality caption as shown in the image below.

How to Share to a Facebook Group 3.jpg

4. Then hit “post” as shown in the bottom right corner in the picture above.

That’s it! You have successfully shared a post to a Facebook group.

Just keep in mind that not all Facebook groups allow this; therefore check the group rules before posting.


In the blogging world, participation threads are common and incredibly beneficial. These groups are dedicated to bloggers for blogging. Often times, social support and Facebook page growth are part of these threads. For example, check out the Blogging for New Bloggers thread below:

Above is an example of a social media share thread where you can  share your Facebook page  with others.

Above is an example of a social media share thread where you can share your Facebook page with others.

This thread encourages social media sharing. As a member, you can drop a link to the social media platform of your choice while reciprocating engagement with five others. This is easy to do and very beneficial.

I have numerous posts dedicated to this that I recommend you read in-depth to learn more. These are:


Just like with big Facebook groups, shares from big (and engaging) pages are essential to growing your page quickly. For instance, when a large Facebook page such as Wide Open Spaces share my post, I have access to a big chunk of their audience. If this audience likes my content, it generally leads to more Facebook page follows and likes. If Wide Open Spaces gets a solid response from their followers (likes and comments) they will keep sharing my content and therefore more of their followers will keep liking my page. This can bring sustainable page growth over time.

When large accounts share my post, my page link gets shared as well - leading to more followers.

When large accounts share my post, my page link gets shared as well - leading to more followers.

So how can you get large Facebook pages to share your content? Well first of all it takes posting quality content consistently. Then I recommend you try a variation of the following:

  • Reach out to a variety of large Facebook pages

  • Post in large groups (as mentioned above)

  • Actively comment and promote their page to get their attention

  • Get an account that they consistently repost to share some of your content

Trying a variety of these tactics can often help gain the attention of larger brands and pages.


Did you know you can invite your personal Facebook friends to like your page?

If you are willing to sacrifice your personal account for your brand or business then this can be an incredible way to grow your page (and improve your engagement).

This is one of the things I do.

I accept friend requests from everyone who has a profile in my niche and looks respectable. I then invite these individuals to “Like” my page as shown below. I find that the crossover allows me to have a higher reach as well.

To do this, you need to locate the community tab on the right hand side of your Facebook page. Under this tab there should be an “Invite Friends” button as shown below.

Invite Facebook Friends to Like your Page

After you tap the “Invite Friends” button a feature should open up allowing you to invite your friends to like your page. This is demonstrated below.

You can invite your  personal  Facebook friends to like your Facebook page as shown above.

You can invite your personal Facebook friends to like your Facebook page as shown above.

Then simply tap the “Invite” button next to all of your friends names. That’s it!


These tips can work for everyone. However, let me continue to emphasize that NONE of this matters if you don’t focus on two things first:

1) Quality content

2) Consistently posting this quality content

Learn what your audience wants and when. If people don’t respond well to a post then take a note of it.

It's through posting quality content in a consistent manner that you can build a real and engaging following.

If you’d like to learn more bout this I recommend that you read my post on understanding what social media wants:

I also recommend you check out:

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