Grow Your Social Media EFFORTLESS With This AMAZING Tool

Social media is SOOO powerful!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you know that I’m obsessed with social media strategy. From Instagram hacks to Facebook engagement, I spend an incredible amount of time writing about my latest findings. Lately it’s been my obsession with MiloTREE.

*I'm obsessed with this tool; therefore, I do have affiliate links below. Sign up for a free trial, and you will fall in love with this tool and will be an affiliate too.


Grow your social media effortless with MiloTREE (complete MiloTree review!)

MiloTREE’s goal is to drive your website audience from your blog to your brand (social media). It’s an awesome platform that advertises the social media pages of your choice on your site. This will help you grow your Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook page. It even works to help your grow your email list and eCommerce accounts, such as Etsy.

In fact, MiloTREE is so powerful it even helped me reach 10,000 Pinterest followers in the last 6 months!

This may seem confusing at first, because normally you NEVER want people to leave your website. However, here is the one case when you do: when you need to convert people who visit your site from Google (or other platforms) to loyal followers of your brand. Loyal followers follow you on social media, YouTube, and sign up for your email.

This is important because these people will likely keep returning to your blog over and over again. This will also be the people that share your content and believe in your brand. These are the people that will buy your products.

Websites need social media and social media can GREATLY benefit from websites. It really does come full circle.

When you receive people from Google and other social platforms that aren’t already invested in you or your brand - use MiloTREE to get them invested.

By pushing them from your blog to your social media sites (or email list) you are increasing your chance of them returning in the future. You are also creating a brand.

MiloTREE does this by providing a customizable tool that will pop up on your website when new visitors arrive. It can advertise whichever social media platform you wish to grow. It can even work with email.

If you are struggling with engagement and growth, I recommend you check out my article on social media algorithms.


I currently have MiloTREE setup for my Pinterest account because it’s the biggest priority for my blog. My blog NEEDS Pinterest, and Pinterest has definitely benefited from the Google traffic from my blog.

It works by popping up when people start scrolling through my website. Considering my goal is to get as many eyes on my Pinterest account as possible, having MiloTREE popup is a huge advantage.

When I develop a YouTube channel from this blog, I will then transition between the two in an effort to gain more recognition and grow both channels.

Using MiloTREE to grow social media.


One of the best of things about MiloTree is that it works on so many different platforms. If you are getting visitors from Pinterest, maybe you want to direct them to Instagram (therefore set up MiloTREE on Instagram).

Are you receiving traffic from Google? Perhaps you want to convert them into Pinterest followers.

MiloTREE works on so many different platforms, including:

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Email List

  • Etsy

  • Shopify

There is even a setting where you can have it rotate platforms and therefore helping you grow all platforms. How awesome is that?

A list of options found on the MiloTree platform.

A list of options found on the MiloTree platform.

Below I go through how each social media platform can benefit from MiloTREE.


However, the number one platform I think blogger’s will appreciate MiloTREE for is Instagram. More and more blogger’s are starting to recognize the benefit of Instagram for sponsorships, yet many are finding out just how difficult it is to grow.

MiloTREE definitely helps in this regard. If you have a high quality feed, having your feed popup on your blog WILL LEAD TO MORE FOLLOWERS from your blog. It’s like giving them a glimpse into who you are (and the value you bring) as they are digesting your content. It adds the connection.

MiloTREE Instagram


Gaining YouTube subscribers is challenging. A lot of the time, even people watching the videos don’t actually subscribe. That’s where MiloTREE can really help. When you get traffic to your website from Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, directing them to your channel and getting them to subscribe can be key to expanding your brand and growing your channel.

It’s an easy way to show an audience your channel when the YouTube algorithm isn’t.



Below is another example of using MiloTREE, this time for Facebook. Facebook is incredibly valuable for brand awareness and social cues (for Google)- when done properly. However, as many people know, Facebook pages aren’t easy.

Just like with Instagram, this popup is a great way to convert your audience over to other platforms. People from Google, Instagram, or Pinterest will likely start following you on Facebook.

Of course, just like all of the other platforms, the Facebook popup works beautifully on mobile, too.

Facebook MiloTREE


I use MiloTREE specifically for Pinterest. This is because Pinterest is my most important social media platform. It helps drive tremendous traffic to my blog and therefore helps me rank on Google. That’s why growing this platform is essential.

In fact, as previously mentioned, I believe it helped me reach 10,000 Pinterest followers quickly.

However, once I’m satisfied with the growth of Pinterest, I WILL use it to help grow my YouTube.

Milotree Pinterest


Growing social media takes time and consistency. Every little bit of effort truly does count. That’s why using tools such as MiloTREE is an incredibly important step in helping accelerate your growth.

By taking your audience and spreading your brand, you are building a more loyal, engaged following that will come back time and time again. This will help you rank on Google, build authority on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, and develop a profitable and sustainable online business.

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