How I Make Money Online as a Full-Time Freelancer

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During the summer of 2017, I left my job to pursue a list of goals I’d set for myself at a young age. Becoming a “freelancer” put me on a track I never dreamed of. I went from a traditional life to running my own business, meeting people I inspired to be, and having more time to do the things that I truly loved.  

Of course, you can read my full story regarding this right here.

However, for the scope of this article, I’m answering a question I get asked regularly regarding this topic. That question is:

“How do you actually make money?”

Spoiler alert… it usually isn’t what people think it is.


Make money with a blog using these methods!

I consider myself a blogger. However, blogging is about more than just sitting at home and writing about personal experiences. Instead, it’s a platform. It’s this platform that allows me to inform people, share information, build an audience, and provide services.


Let me start by emphasizing that blogs do make money. However, it isn’t exactly the blog content that makes the money. It’s the services and sales surrounding that content.

In basic, a blog needs to create an audience, build trust, and then use that audience’s trust to convert to an income. This often requires using multiple methods and sources to make a decent profit.

However, there does tend to be one common denominator regarding these sources: investment. Blog’s take a significant up front investment in time, money, and self-educating.

With that said, I make money from three primary sources (with a few others trickled in):

  • Services

  • Affiliates

  • Promotion

These three have been the easiest for me. It’s also the combination of the three that give me a decent income.

However, these are not the only ways bloggers make money.  Many make money from products, ads (whether on blogs or YouTube) and from sponsored posts.  

You can read about these additional options in my post How Blogger’s Make Money.



Providing services is a great way to make money at home.

My number one source of income is through services.  This includes:

  • Website development

  • Freelance writing

  • VA tasks

There are obviously other opportunities when it comes to services such as consulting, social media management, and life or business coaching. However, the above three are my areas of expertise and also demonstrated through the content of this blog.


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Affiliate marketing is my second greatest source of income. This is also my absolute favorite way of making money.  If you aren’t familiar, affiliate marketing is where you get a commission for recommending products to your readers. These recommended products are tracked through links. When a purchase is made through this link you get paid a commission.

This means it is flexible, passive, and can pay off quickly. In fact, the work I put in months ago involving affiliates still pays off today.  

Speaking of affiliates, there are two courses I recommend to help you learn and expand your own income. These are:

Both courses are incredibly beneficial to any blogger and are a great step in the right direction to passive income.


Promotion is another way to make money online.

Promotion makes up the smallest part of my income but it’s the most entertaining.  Here I provide value and content for businesses in exchange for payment. Even though this is the smallest portion of the my income, it’s the most exciting.

This works by creating an audience that trusts your brand. By building up my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts I provide value through influence. Taking high quality photos and video of a product I use also provides value - and is redeemed with a payment.

Therefore, I’m actually getting paid for social media promotion, YouTube videos, working sport shows, and giving seminars. This value is derived through my brand on social media - also a form of blogging.


As previously mentioned, finding success with these platforms takes time and dedication. Building up an audience and becoming an authority also takes significant time.

I have numerous blog articles available that can help anyone work from home.  However, I have included the basic principles below to help you gain a better understanding of “freelancing”.

  1. Create a blog (or platform) that allows you to build an audience, advertise services, and show off your expertise.

  2. Create quality content and create it consistently.

  3. Create an online audience and build their trust through social media platforms.

  4. Use Pinterest (for nearly any niche) for steady traffic.

  5. Promote, promote, and promote your content!

  6. Add affiliates, products, and services that match your goals and mindset.

  7. Keep your blog up to date by keeping content, services, and your media kit current.

  8. Quality and quantity are both important.

  9. NEVER be afraid to reach out to businesses and bloggers. Pitching is part of freelancing.

  10. Stay the course. This will NOT happen overnight. It takes trying, learning, and improving.

You can read a much more in-depth article regarding this called:


Having a support group is essential to finding success. That’s why I recommend you reach out to me and sign up for email newsletter below. I will gladly answer any specific questions that you have!

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