The Ultimate Instagram Cheat Sheet: 4 Tools You Need

Instagram marketing can be easy, especially when you have access to this Instagram cheat sheet. No, you don't need to buy followers or likes to build your engagement. You can build a large and organic Instagram following by simply using the right tools to perform the right tasks.

Yes, it requires engagement, and yes it will require some prep work by you. However, these advanced Instagram strategies make it a lot easier for you to build up your brand.

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Without third party software helping us out, liking and commenting on hundreds of photos throughout the day would be impossible.  However, I found just the tool to target your ideal audience in half the time. It's called Hootsuite

Most people think of Hootsuite as a way to schedule posts on popular platforms.  However, I use it to engage. It has an outstanding hashtag and location feature that allows you to target and engage with multiple users at once.  The speed in which you can do this is incredible.  The best part? You are exposing yourself to tons of people while providing REAL engagement. It's like an auto-liker, except its really you doing the work and it's free (always an added bonus).

As you can see in the image above, I have multiple streams of hashtags available to comment. I also simultaneously keep tabs on my own.  This way I can answer every AUTHENTIC comment. This is a surefire way to grow your engagement fast. 


You probably weren't expecting to hear about Tailwind as a cheat for Instagram, were you? The well-known Pinterest scheduler has made a name for itself in the Instagram world lately.  How? By helping you plan out and post your photos for the best times. It also includes a hashtag generator and in-depth analytic tools to help you quickly decide which hashtags are best for your audience. It will then notify you when to post while providing you with the caption and hashtags you pre-planned. This makes implementation easy.  If you are also into Pinterest, Tailwind has an optimized auto scheduler, as well as an incredible new feature called Tailwind Tribes.  You can get a free trial by clicking my link below. 

Cheat #3: GRUM (

Scheduling on Instagram is one of the greatest challenges for social media enthusiasts and managers. Although outstanding applications like Hootsuite and Tailwind will do all of the work for you, they can't actually post for you. 

That's where Grum comes in.  

This awesome tool (that I didn't even know existed until recently) lets you upload photos to your computer, write in your caption and hashtags, and then forget about it! How awesome is that? It can actually post for you. This is the only website/app I've found that will actually let you do that.  Not only is it an incredible time saver, but it helps you strategically plan out your posts and captions to help improve your engagement. It also assures that you don't miss a day. I recommend that you post every single day. 

The only downfall? It doesn't help you optimize for the best hashtags or posting times.  However, you can combine Tailwind with Grum to have the ultimate Instagram posting machine.  


Do you ever wonder how people share each other's post's on Instagram? I did. At least until somebody showed me the Repost App.  This nifty app allows you to share other people's photos while simultaneously giving credit to the original author.  Just check out the image below.

Instagram tool called "repost". 

As you can see in the post above, I reposted @nebraskamuskiegirl's image.  This isn't native to the Instagram app, so I had to do it with Repost.  This is the most efficient way to share and promote each other's content! The best part? Repost is free to use.

Cross-promoting is a perfect way to build excitement and help boost each other's accounts. 



Nothing beats engagement.  Engagement brings eyes to your profile and to your post. It helps people relate to you and therefore gives you authority behind your brand. It also helps you rank higher in the algorithm. However, running a successful Instagram account takes tremendous time.  Therefore, make sure to use these tools to save time, increase engagement, and grow your following. You'll be Insta-Famous in no time. 

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The ultimate Instagram cheat sheet to sky-rocket your Instagram followers. Instagram tools you have never heard of.