5 Healthy Habits That Should Be Included in Everyday of Your Life

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Everyone is in search of a healthier life.

Whether it be diet, exercise, or appearance we tend to always feel like we can be “better” physically.  However, there is so much more to health than our physical appearance. In fact, working on our mental, social, and spiritual well-being can go a long ways in helping us with our overall physical health.

Therefore concentrating on these factors rather than stressing over what we ate today can help lead to a better and more productive life.

 To help you put it into perspective, the bigger picture of health includes:

  • Stress management

  • Lifestyle Balance

  • Mind Set

  • Career Satisfaction

  • Personal Relationships

  • Time Management

  • and so much more…

If you are struggling to eat healthy, it’s important that you first focus on improving your entire mentality first. This includes having the right mindset, health, and goals.

So here is a list of healthy habits you should start focusing on every day. These are ones that "are actually quite basic but we get so consumed in diet and exercise that we forget exists” ones.  


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Balanced meaning there is more to life than just work, than just family, than just friends and just yourself.  Healthy people do a great job of being able to manage all of these aspects, internal and external without an unhealthy amount of stress.  When they work, they work well, when they interact with people they give them their full attention and when they play, they play hard.  There is something to be said for the "work hard, play harder" mentality which is one of my absolutely favorite quotes.  Everything you do in life, try to do well and the other aspects often come into play - in fitness and diet as well.  Do you see the common theme? Doing things well = wellness therefore don't half-ass it.

Healthy people do a great job of being able to manage all of these aspects, internal and external without an unhealthy amount of stress

Do not become overly obsessed with one area of your life. Instead just focus on making the time you have count.

Make time for your relationships, make time for yourself, and make time for your career. Make good use of that time.


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People stress about our diet, our weight, our appearance. However, stressing is the worst thing you can do for your health (and your weight). In fact, stress leads to excess cortisol production meaning more stored fat.

Therefore it’s important that stop stressing over the minor things.   

Do you have friends that get you down? Ditch 'em.  Is that job becoming to stressful? Start looking for a new one (or at least a new position).  Is there not enough time to do the things you want to do for yourself? Then consider taking a vacation even if its unpaid.  Mental health counts.


It’s important that you learn how to take your sleep seriously. Proper sleep is linked to having a better diet, being more productive, better decision making, and even losing more weight without having to drop calories.

So how exactly does sleep do these things? Well, according to the Division of Sleep at Harvard Medical School, sleep is necessary for restoration and brain plasticity. This means your body needs to be restored every night for you to perform at your fullest during the day. This includes hormonal regulation, muscle growth, tissue restoration, cell repair, and more!

Brain plasticity also relates to the brain’s ability to comprehend and retain information. Have you been scattered brained lately? It’s likely linked to a lack of sleep (or at least quality sleep).

Therefore, when the experts tell you to get adequate sleep… they mean it. Be healthier by making sleeping a priority.


Personal Development for Healthy Habits

Personal development is the time you set aside for yourself to work on your own potential, goals, and dreams. It helps you build a confident sense of self. Therefore, it is crucial that you set time aside time for your own personal growth. This will not only help your mentality but help you on your way to better physical health as well.

Personal development means many different things too many different people. However, a few examples of setting aside time to work on you include:

  • Exploring New Hobbies

  • Self-Educating

  • Journal/Writing

  • Start a Side Business

  • Work on Crafting/Projects

  • Meditate

  • Read

  • Spend Time on Spirituality

Pick one or two personal goals you have and work on them everyday. Pick a certain amount of time and set it aside. Whether it’s before work, after the kids are in bed, or during your lunch break, find time for the things that make you feel better about yourself is crucial for a healthier you.


Improving your health means improving your everyday habits. The best way to do this is through planning. Planning keeps you accountable. If you are setting aside an hour before bed then it’s important to that you keep that hour free. Free from work, social distractions, or procrastination. By planning your time throughout the week you can assure you keep these times available for you.

Pick one or two personal goals and set aside a specific tiem to work on them everyday.


If you have spent ages trying to be “healthy” then I recommend that you consider these 5 habits. They are basic, but crucial, pieces to a productive, health conducive lifestyle. By creating habits, taking time for you, and improving your overall sense of being; you will be able to stick to your physical goals with better success. Most importantly, always remember that it’s OK to focus on you.

 Becoming healthy with these 5 easy to follow tips! Health starts with the mind! #Health #personaldevelopment #self-improvement
 Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn 5 everyday tips that can improve your health, productive, and physique. #health #healthyhabits #personadevelopment