5 Habits Found in EVERY Healthy Routine!

Create healthy habits

There is more to having a healthy lifestyle than just exercise and nutrition. In fact, research shows that by getting more sleep and reducing stress, you can actually improve your performance in the gym and shed weight easier. .

Therefore by concentrating on social and mental health, you can actually improve our physical health. That’s why it’s incredibly important to balance your life properly.

I have put together a list of every day healthy habits that can not only improve your wellbeing, but your physical health, too.


Balance is Needed for a Healthy Life

Having a balanced life means there is more than just work, than just family, than just friends and just yourself.  Healthy people do a great job of being able to manage all of these aspects, internal and external, without an excessive stress. 

When they work, they work well, when they interact with people they give them their full attention and when they play, they play hard.  There is something to be said for the "work hard, play harder". 

Do not become overly obsessed with one area of your life. Instead, try to focus on making the time you have count. It’s important to make time for your relationships, yourself, and your career.


Stop Stressing to Improve Your Health

People stress about everything. They stress about their diet, their weight, their career, their relationships and so much more. However, stressing about these things can actually be detrimental to their goals. If losing weight and living healthier is what you want to achieve, the first thing you should focus on is not stressing.

Stress leads to an increase in cortisol, therefore an increase in fat storage, and increase in bad habits. Instead of stressing, try to set up a plan to stick to your goals, and set up a recovery plan when you fall off of those goals.

By being prepared, you can reduce stress and improve your consistency in making good habits.


Get MORE Sleep-min.jpg

It’s important that you learn how to take your sleep seriously. Proper sleep is linked to having a better diet, being more productive, making better decisions, and even losing more weight.

In fact, according to the Division of Sleep at Harvard Medical School, sleep is necessary for restoration and brain plasticity. This means your body needs to be restored every night for you to perform at your fullest during the day. This includes hormonal regulation, muscle growth, tissue restoration, cell repair, and more!

Brain plasticity also relates to the brain’s ability to comprehend and retain information. Have you been scattered brained lately? It’s likely linked to a lack of sleep (or at least quality sleep).

Therefore, when the experts tell you to get adequate sleep… they mean it. Be healthier by making sleeping a priority.


Personal Development for Healthy Habits

Personal development is the time you set aside for yourself to work on your own goals. Take time to read that book, hit the gym, or visit with friends. This time is crucial for mental health. Not to mention, it also helps you reduce stress.

Of course, personal development means different things to different people. However, a few examples of setting aside time for yourself can include:

  • Exploring New Hobbies

  • Self-Educating

  • Journal/Writing

  • Starting a Side Business

  • Work on Crafting/Projects

  • Meditating

  • Reading

  • Meditating

Pick one or two personal goals and try to make time for it every day. Whether it’s before work, after the kids are in bed, or during your lunch break, find time for the things that make you feel better about yourself.


Make Time to Plan Out Your Time

Although you might think you don’t have time to do the tasks mentioned above, proper time management can prove you do.

It all comes down to writing down a plan. Schedule out your day and keep yourself accountable. Finally, try to make tradeoffs.

Instead of watching TV, work on a new hobby. Stay off of social media during the day. Don’t bring your phone in bed with you. These are just a few examples where you can create time to improve your life and your health.


If you have spent ages trying to be “healthy” then I recommend that you consider these 5 habits.

These are basic, but crucial, pieces to a productive and healthy lifestyle. By creating habits, taking time for you, and improving your overall sense of being; you will be able to stick to your physical goals with better success. Most importantly, always remember that it’s OK to focus on you.

Healthy Habits EVERY Person Needs! Create a better routing. #health #healthyhabits #wellness #routine
5 Healthy Habits Found in EVERY Healthy Routine! #healthyhabits #health #fitness #routine
Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn 5 everyday tips that can improve your health, productive, and physique. #health #healthyhabits #personadevelopment