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I have numerous group boards and 2 Tailwind Tribes open for contributors! I took a haitus in allowing people in and as of April 2019 - they are back and open for business.

Here are the qualifications:

  • Pin High Quality Content

  • Be Active

  • Stay on Topic

  • Repin

It doesn’t matter how new or old your account is - or how many followers you have. It only matters that you contribute high quality content.

To qualify:

Pinterest group boards:

All of the boards have over 6,000 followers each…

Tailwind Tribes

The only thing better than Pinterest group boards? Possibly Tailwind Tribes. The best thing, however, is using them both in tandem. I have two different tribes open for contribution:

Quick reminder: You have to follow me and the board. My Pinterest URL is I also require you to pin 10 pins from the Nicole Stone Blog board.

 Additional Resources

A few posts that may help you on your blogging and marketing journey:

I've probably taken 50 different blogging courses.  So if you want an honest opinion of one, make sure to send me an email at ( If there are two courses that I think every blogger should take, they are:

Investing in your business is important. It’s how I built mine.  

Join these Pinterest group boards - over 6,000 followers per board! Tailwind Tribes included! #pinterest #marketing #socialmedia #pinteresttraffic #blogging
Join these Pinterest group boards - over 6,000 followers each! Also Tailwind Tribes you should join. #socialmedia #pinterest #marketing #marketing