How to Start Building Blog Traffic (The Beginner's Guide!)

One of the biggest struggles of building a blog is figuring out how to find traffic after the site's developed!  

If you have been following me for a while, then you know that I PREACH developing a quality site before anything.  With all of the theme options (and ease) that have developed on, there is no reason why your blog can't look professional and appealing (you can do it yourself, simply read my article here). People should be impressed by the appearance and want to come back to it again and again.  There is no excuse for outdated, over clutter websites any longer.  Having a site of this quality will help you sustain the traffic you get. 

 Use Google analytics to show blog traffic. 

To learn more about building a quality blog, visit my post right here. 

However, once this is in place, the hardest part really is finding traffic.  How much of an impact your blog can make, how many sales you convert, and if you are able to make a living will depend heavily on your traffic.

 If there is no one to read what you write, then what’s the point of writing?

I know how difficult building traffic can be (trust me, at one point I was struggling to get 100 page views a day).  However, I've learned some awesome strategies that WILL gain you traffic if you put the time, and effort, into them. 

Just remember, these things take TIME.  The sooner you start the better. 


If you are going to invest yourself in one traffic/social media platform it likely should be Pinterest If your blog has anything to do with marketing, blogging, decor, lifestyle, health, fashion, food, etc... then Pinterest is where it's at. This platform is absolutely AMAZING, and the driver of 80% of my traffic (and a large majority of most successful blogger's traffic). 

However, even though Pinterest is a traffic generating miracle, you still need to understand that it won't occur overnight.  Just like any social media platform, developing a following and gaining a return from that platform, takes time and investment.  This means significant time being spent on the platform, creating content for the platform, and engaging within the platform. Pinterest is no different.  

How to Get Started

Below is a quick summary of how to become successful with Pinterest.  I recommend reading this article or simply ordering this super cheap course to really learn how to leverage the number one most valuable platform for bloggers. 

Truly learning Pinterst is a book in itself! So don't be afraid to invest in one! However, here are the basics and how to get started. 

  • Create (or switch) to a business account
  • Confirm your website
  • Create high quality, niche specific boards
  • Create engaging pins for your content
  • Be prepared to spend significant time PINNING
  • Ask to join group boards (you can read my group board guide by clicking here
  • Pin to relevant group boards and your own
  • Sign up for Tailwind (to use the tribes feature!!) 
  • Follow accounts and boards that are relevant TO YOUR BLOG
  • Purchase MiloTree to promote your account on your page


I have two Pinterest courses that I BELIEVE in.  They are so packed full of information! Until I make my own in-depth Pinterest course, I will always recommend these two:

  • Pinteresting Strategies: The ultimate guide to Pinterest basics and the benefit of manual pinning.  Also a good read if you don't want to invest in Tailwind. 
  • P.I.M.P. Your Pinterest: The name might sound rather funny, but the product is the most advanced, in-depth Pinterest course I've ever saw (and I have saw MANY).  


If you aren't already aware, Tailwind is an autoscheduler made specifically for Pinterest.  It's been popular among content creators for quite sometime now. However, it's tribe feature is relatively new.

Think of tribes like a Pinterest group board that's

1) Easier to join. 

2) Requires that people actually share content.

This is what makes tribes so valuable.   

Think of it as the easiest version of group boards you will ever find.

Tribes use to be in beta, but now it's open to EVERYONE.  You can sign up for a free trial by clicking here. 

 This is an example of Tailwind Tribe's,  a great feature to help get your content shared by others. 

This is an example of Tailwind Tribe's,  a great feature to help get your content shared by others. 


Most new bloggers will find immediate success from Facebook groups.  This is the SECOND most important traffic source to utilize.  These are usually consisting of large groups of fellow bloggers who simply want to help each other out.

 Facebook Groups are beneficial for a few reasons:

1. They allow bloggers to share each other's posts (and thus share exposure).

2. They help create backlinks (which helps you rank in Google, eventually). 

3. They help improve traffic numbers (although keep in mind most of the traffic will be from fellow bloggers)!

My recommendation? Join 4 or 5 quality groups.  More then that and you will pull your hair out (and wreck your Facebook feed).  I have an entire post dedicated to understanding Facebook groups in-depth that you can read here.  


Your personal Facebook account is another great place to advertise your blog.  Social media accounts take a LONG time to build (including a Facebook "business" page").  However, nearly everyone has a personal Facebook account they share with their friends and family. Use this to your advantage. 

Your friends and family are a great source of constructive criticism and support, so it's really a good idea to share your resources with them first.  

They are also likely to return to your site on a regular basis and share your content with their friends and family. The more shares, the better. 

HOW TO START building traffic

The key is to truly START.  Find one or two traffic sources first and OWN them.  You can always add more later.  A Facebook page (not your personal account) and an Instagram account, can be intimidating for many  people. That's why platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook "groups" are a great alternative!

Put your effort into these two platforms! They will provide the most bang for your buck, and a great way for a new blog to get up and running.  However, making sure you are putting out quality content, building a beautiful website, and taking time to educate yourself are all incredibly important factors when trying to build your online empire!

 The beginner's guide to BLOG traffic!! Learn exactly how to grow your blog, from the best social media platforms to personal Facebook pages. Click through to learn more!! #blogging #marketing #blogtips
 The Beginner's Guide to Blog Traffic!! Learn exactly how to build up your traffic with this ultimate guie! Click through for more blogging tips. #blogtraffic #marketing #blogging