The Ultimate Fitness Apps for Your Goals!

*This post has been updated in 2019.

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If you want to succeed in the fitness world - it’s very likely that you will have to track. Whether it is achieving your running goals, lifting goals, weight loss goals, or eating a better diet, you can’t track improvements if you don’t track what you are currently doing.

You can’t analyze what’s working, why it’s working, or how it’s working if you don’t track it. Therefore, a lot of Fitness success relies heavily on your ability to keep note of it.

Thankfully, the days of lugging around a notebook and pencil are over. With the development of cellular phones, you can now plan, track, and improve your lifestyle with ease. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the most productive and beneficial health apps in the App store.

Below are my five favorite fitness apps that can help you track and improve your lifestyle.




MyFitnessPal is the leader in food tracking. It’s packed full of features, works with multiple other apps, is filled with beneficial blog posts, motivating articles, and the list goes on and on. However, it’s greatest feature is it’s HUGE database of food. If you don’t have a box to scan or nutrient numbers available you don’t have to worry. MyFitnessPal allows you to search the food and brand in their database and therefore will fill in all of the blanks for you. Food tracking doesn’t get any easier then that!

Key Features:

  • Large Food Database

  • Food Scanning

  • Manual Entry

  • Blog Posts

  • Works with Apple Watch

  • Large Online Support Group

  • Macro and Micro Nutrient Counting

Best For:

  • Those looking to lose weight

  • Watch calories

  • Track food

  • Improve overall diet


  • LifeSum

  • LiveStrong

If you are looking for the ultimate food tracking app then MyFitnessPal is most likely the best choice for you.

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CarbManager App

Some people, including those who prefer a Keto diet, may find CarbManager more beneficial than MyFitnessPal. This app focuses solely on tracking carbs, and focuses less on total calorie count. Its free version is very efficient; however, an upgrade allows you to have access to a larger variety of recipes and videos.

Key Features:

  • Carb Focused Platform

  • Breaks Down Carbs in Every Meal

  • Recipes

  • Grocery List (Paid Version)

  • Online Community

Best For:

  • Low carb diets

  • Keto Diets

  • Macro Counters


  • My Macros +

  • Macro Track

For those who are more focused on carbs than calories, CarbManager is the ticket. It also allows you to scan and manually enter food. If you are new to the low carb lifestyle, it’s large database of recipes might be worth investing in as well.

Carb Manager App

Weightlifting is the key to a sustainable weight loss. However, navigating the gym can be incredibly stressful. The last thing you will want to do is log around a notebook and pen with you. That’s where the Strong app comes in. It allows you to track your progress on your phone! It also shows you overall statistics per weight, has automatic timers, and gives you a long list of workout suggestions.

Key Features:

  • Easy workout recording

  • How to Videos

  • Built in Timers

  • In Depth Analytics

  • Built in Rest Timers

  • Workout Suggestions

Best For:

  • Anyone who lifts weights


  • Gymaholic

  • Strong Lifts 5X5 Weight Lifting


For those who love a good run, it’s tough to beat the Map My Run app. This app allows you to find new routes, track your progress, time, distance, and calories, and even pairs up with Under Armours smart shoes.

Key Features:

  • Tracks miles, time, calories

  • You can map and track your entire workout

  • Participate in the large community

  • Link up Your Under Armour shoes (how cool is that?)

Best For:

  • Running and fitness enthusiasts who want to track performance

  • Who are part of the Under Armour experience


  • Human

  • RunCoach


The Productive app helps you put all of these things together (running, weight lifting, and a healthy diet) and reminds you to stick to them. It does this by helping you create daily routines and setting reminders for these routines throughout the day. If you forget to meditate, drink enough water, hit the gym, or get to bed at a decent time - it sends you a friendly notification to get to it. It then keeps track of how many days you’ve stuck to these healthy routines.

Key Features:

  • Plan Your Weekly Schedule

  • Reminders Throughout the Day

  • Keeps Track of Your Productive Streaks

  • Clean, Easy to Use Apps

Best For:

  • Anyone who needs help sticking to a new habit


  • EverdayCheck

  • Momentum

If you can ;earn how to change your habits and you can change your life. The productive app does just that. If you are looking for way to stay accountable and develop a healthy, productive routine then this app is for you.

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Changes happen through changing habits. Changing habits require accountability. What better and more affordable way to achieve this than through productivity apps?

By keeping yourself accountable, showing yourself progress, and joining online communities filled with like minded people, you can quickly and successfully change your habits and change your life. What’s holding you back?

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