5 Easy Affiliate Marketing Tips to Double Your Income NOW!

I love affiliate marketing so much I even included my favorite affiliates below! Learn how to make passive income with ease.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Double Your Income With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a no brainer. It’s easy and passive. It allows you to make money in your sleep. That’s why it’s essential that every vlogger (aka YouTuber), blogger, and influencer utilize it to increase their income.

Personally, affiliate marketing accounts for a generous source of my income. When I take trips across the country it pays me. When I am sleeping it pays me, and when I am working on other projects, it pays me. There is NO OTHER source of income that pays me when I am doing nothing.

What You Need to Know

With that said, making my first affiliate was no walk in the park.

Making a post and throwing it into Pinterest doesn't exactly convert into money, despite what some people may have you believing. I have over 250,000 monthly views on the platform and still struggled to get that first sale. It was another demoralizing moment in the world of blogging.

The most frustrating part? It was a product I believed in and knew could benefit other people.  The product was Pinteresting Strategies, (which I STILL recommend by the way).  Yet, I couldn't convert.  

Long story short, I learned a lot about marketing during that time period. 

I guess the biggest benefit of failing is what I gained back in knowledge.


Improve your affiliate marketing strategy by making it a priority.

Before I tell you exactly how I started making affiliate conversions, let's go over a few things about affiliate marketing:

  • You don't have to have a large audience or a million subscribers to start making money with affiliates. All you need are a few loyal followers who trust you and your content.

  • If you aren't already into affiliate marketing then realize that you should be. I'm guessing there is some sort of product, resource or course you've taken that you could be an affiliate for. Affiliate offers are EVERYWHERE. Some courses offer VERY generous commissions.

  • Feel free to reach out to me anytime regarding affiliate questions and affiliate courses. If you can handle the price, the BEST course I took on affiliate sales (as well as the legalities) is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing . She breaks down how she makes over $50,000 a MONTH from affiliate marketing. Isn't it crazy? And guess what? If you take her course and like it, you can be an affiliate for it too.



Video is a GREAT way to improve affiliate marketing income!

Video is one of the greatest marketing tubes you could utilize. It is effective in three main ways:

  • Allows people to connect with you

  • Improves engagement (thus time spend on page increases)

  • Increases trust

All three of these things are incredible crucial for succeeding affiliate marketing.

To do this, I recommend you start a YouTube channel. YouTube is free and also serves as a large search engine - helping you gain traffic.

If being on camera makes you nervous, then know that it makes everyone nervous, but you have to start somewhere. You'll only get better in time. 

Using affiliate links in the bottom of YouTube videos.


The key to making affiliate sales it to not sound “salesy” at all.

To improve your affiliate sales it’s important to focus on building readers’ trust. You can do this by providing value and relating with them through stories.

Being authentic, delivering both positives and the negatives, as well as sounding relaxed can go a long way in building trust.  Again let me emphasize, the more you can relate with them the more you will gain their trust.

For me, this meant telling more stories. It also meant offering my readers a chance to reach out to me with questions, and giving them evidence of my success.


Use email marketing to boost your affiliate marketing income.

Oh newsletters… If I’d only started using you so much earlier.

People who subscribe to your newsletter are already interested in you, what you have to say, and have established some level of trust in your content and site (or else they wouldn’t have subscribed).  

This is why your email subscribers are often the best place to convert affiliates.  I buy affiliates from my favorite bloggers ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Usually, these affiliates consist of courses, themes, or ebooks that I believe will benefit my business. Why do I do this? Because these bloggers are successful and have my trust. 

Does this mean you should flood every newsletter with an affiliate sale? NO!

It just means that when you have something that you really believe in and want others to believe in it too, promoting it to your closest audience is the way to do it. 


Pinterest is a great way to make passive money with affiliate marketing.

Pinterest is every blogger's best friend. It drives most of our traffic.

However, I’ve saw so many bloggers botch their pinterest accounts.

if there is something that almost every blogger I've seen struggle with, in the beginning, it's poor pin design. 

Your click through’s and conversions directly relate to the traffic you will see from any given pin. That’s why it’s important to master these things.  

If a blog post isn't performing, don't be afraid to make new pins, improve headlines, and fix your Pinterest SEO.  


Use Facebook groups to boost your affiliate income.

Facebook groups are an absolute game changer. They allow you to access thousands of people with little to no effort at all. All you need to do is request access, follow the rules, and promote! Include a video with your affiliate push and you will REALLY rack up the engagement.

If you are looking for a full list of Facebook groups, as well as how to find them then check out my article on how Facebook groups practically changed my life.

Other posts that can help you:


Affiliate marketing can be one of the most passive and easiest ways to make money from a blog.   Almost every niche can capitalize on the money making opportunities from affiliates.  However, having the right attitude will get you the sale. 

Remember to start by building your reader's trust.  Use numbers, evidence, and videos to help establish it.

The more eyes, the better chance of conversions.  Pinterest is a great source of gaining lots of traffic really quickly.

Don't be afraid to invest in your business! A few courses I have personally taken and recommend (affiliate of course!) are:

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