5 Job Boards New Freelance Writers NEED to Know

Start making money with this list of quality job boards!

A quick search will tell you about the opportunities involved in freelance work.  I'm sure you have heard about content mills, cold pitching, and job boards.  Content mills often pay poorly, and cold pitching can be a nerve-racking rejection filled endeavor. They can both work, but as a writer just starting out, there is the other, less intimidating option. 

Job boards.


Job boards can be a wonderful source of freelance writing opportunities.  When I reference job boards I mean high quality, respectable boards.  No bidding, no begging, just put in your best application and move on. 

Most of the time, you know what to expect for pay, for work, and you didn't have to waste hours apply to jobs that you may never hear a return from.  That process takes time, and time is money. Most importantly, you know these people are looking for workers, therefore you don't have to feel ridiculous pitching to somebody who has zero interest in adding a writer to their payroll. 

I have a list below of my favorite job board websites that I think you should try out.  They also come with tons of helpful insights, courses, and even forums to grow your brand.



Problogger, created by Darrel Rowse, is known for its podcast, blog, and is arguably the most popular job board sites known to freelance writers today.  

As for opportunities, new jobs are posted multiple times a day from a variety of industries. Whether it's health, religion, the outdoors or anything in between, you can almost always find an option that fits your niche.  

The best part?

The board itself is completely free. 

Contena is all about quality. It queries only high paying job opportunities, saving you the time of searching through .05/word posts.  One of the best aspects is that you can see the pay scale for most of the positions while browsing. This feature makes the job significantly more transparent, helping you know the effort vs return when applying for the job. For the most part, I have found the pricing to be relatively accurate. 

Contena also comes with an academy and a coach (if you want to pay the higher price). I'm a client, and it definitely sped up the job search (which was important when working two jobs). However, although the job board is beneficial, it is replaceable... if you have the money it might be worth it, if you don't, then don't overspend for it.

The best part?  Having the coach. I highly recommend some sort of coaching when starting out... it helps ease the transition from regular employment to freelancing. 


Unless you have a website that queries from multiple boards (like Contena) it is a good to regularly check multiple boards for work. Some employers only post to certain platforms, and you don't want to miss out on their opportunity.  Outside of Problogger, a good board to consider is BloggingPro. 


Freelance Writers Job Den is another exclusive freelance site (like Contena) that has a lot of benefits.  However, it is significantly cheaper (at the time of this post, I believe it starts at $25).  It offers a boot camp, affiliate programs, and all sorts of resources for the experienced and novice alike. I am not currently a member, but if you are looking for something like Contena without the high cost, this might be the better option for you. Check it out at freelancewritersden.com


Freelancewriting.com is another great source that queries out job opportunities for writers.  It is also has a platform that helps you organize your projects, offers free resources, and is entirely free to join! Although you can find the job opportunities at other places, their selection of resources is definitely a benefit! Especially at the free price point.  Make sure to check out more of their offers below:

Services at Freelancewriting.com

Services at Freelancewriting.com

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Although these are 5 popular and beneficial boards to use, there are other awesome options available. What job boards do you use? Do you have any boards that you recommend that I didn't mention?