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Online content is my passion. Whether you need SEO optimized content or help setting up a social media accounts that produces organic results, I can help you.

Let me know what I can do for you!

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Nicole is a pleasure to work with. She’s professional and quick to respond. Her writing skills are polished and her work rarely needs editing. I look forward to working with Nicole on future projects.
— Marissa Mannozzi Underground Creative Group
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Article/Blog Writing

Keyword research, SEO Optimized content, that will maximize time spent on page and hlpe you rank on Google.

Price starts at $200




Website Design

I can design you an attractive, mobile friendly website that you can manage yourself. From outdoor businesses to personal websites, I can help you find a clean and simple solution for your business.

Prices start at $1,000

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Looking for social media information, a marketing plan, or a blogging strategy? I can help you will all of that. Sometimes the easiest way to learn and execute is through direct communication.

Starting price varies.



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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you take payment?

I can take payment through PayPal or through Quickbooks. With Quickbooks, I’ll send you an invoice and you have the option to do a bank transfer or use a credit card.

What website CMS do you use?

For most people I recommend Squarespace. I do make websites in Wordpress (usually hosted through SiteGround) when necessary - since it’s much more powerful. However, for most people - Squarespace is much more practical (and is discussed in the initial consult).  

What is your average turn around time?

Blog posts is 2 weeks and websites are 1 month. If you need something sooner - you can request it at a slightly higher cost.

What is your consulting rate?

It starts at $100 an hour.


What should I invest in SEO content?

SEO content is search engine optimized. It means it’s directed towards keywords that an article can realistically rank for in search engines: particularly Google. This drives tremendous traffic to a website over the long haul (and results in fantastic conversion rates). SEO content styles include properly formatted articles, properly tagged photos, proper page speed, has superb readability and more. When you blog, it should be to rank.

What does a consult include?

Essentially, it’s like taking a course on online marketing, blogging, traffic, and/or social media in an hour… and having it tailored towards you. Topics usually discussed are setting up a blog, which social media platforms to use, how to improve organic reach, and why you should use affiliate marketing. I will send you a form before our consult to make sure we get the most of our time together.