The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers (and Why You Need it!)

Twitter has tremendous authority in the media world.  Despite this, it often gets over looked by brands and bloggers. This is due to it traditionally being considered a word based platform.  However, times have changed and Twitter has turned into a traffic driving, brand awareness machine.  If you aren't on Twitter you need to be! In fact, it's so important that I've created a guide to helping you get on your feet and gaining followers in no time at all!

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The organic reach on Twitter is mind-blowing.  By organic, I mean a a natural built following.  This is one that doesn't need ad money or excessive outside promotion.  It's naturally built within the platform.

Compared to Facebook and Instagram, an organic following comes with ease on Twitter. In fact,  you can receive incredible impressions with absolutely no money investment.  Even accounts with small followings can go viral and receive hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of days.  It's retweet capabilities are like no other. 

However, it's also a completely different platform. For one, it's not owned by the same company (like Instagram and Facebook).  It runs an entirely different algorithm; and allows for easier person to person sharing. That also means it's entirely different to learn.  

Therefore, whether you are struggling to grow a Twitter account, or simply need to know where to start, I have compile a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide.  This guide will help you land your first 1,000 Twitter followers and help you gain traffic from it.

However, before you begin, I encourage you to participate in my "Do You Know Twitter?" quiz! One of the first steps of becoming an expert is knowing where you are currently at in your skillset. Also, quizzes are a great way to comprehend and remember content.

 Setup Your Profile for Success

Just like with any social media platform; the first step is having a high-quality profile picture, banner, and biography ("bio").  In your bio, talk about your area of expertise and your interests.  Be sure to add a link to your website or portfolio.  It's crucial that your portfolio is appealing for gaining followers. 

Here is your  Twitter profile checklist:

  1. Try to pick a niche (yes, lifestyle is a niche). 
  2. Pick a username that is easy to remember (you can easily change it).
  3. Add a high-quality profile picture.
  4. Add a high-quality banner.
  5. Make sure your biography is completed.
  6. Add a link to your website. 

Above is a screenshot of my Twitter account.  I initially created it in 2009 and abandoned it until roughly 6 months ago.  That's when I decided to get "serious" about Twitter.

I changed the name and username (which you can do with ease on Twitter) and began experimenting with it.  I gained 1,800 followers in 6 months. If I would have known what I was doing 6 months ago I would have gained that many in less than two.

I should also mention, that these followers are HIGHLY engaging and the end result is website traffic, YouTube traffic, and continuous engagement in with posts.  

 Start Posting Original and Engaging Content (Videos and Photos!)

First, let me explain what original content is. It is content that YOU originate.

 This content needs to be engaging. What is engaging content? Content that people like, comment, and share.  This is IMPORTANT! 

In modern media, this usually means video clips and high-quality photos. Well thought of quotes can go a long ways too!

It's crucial that you focus on these things.  Do you have a blogging tip? Then try to make a short video clip of it. Do you have gorgeous Instagram photos? Then add them to Twitter too. 

When you enter the world of content creation, you will have to find ways to drive engagement! Start by creating content that YOU would love to see.  Don't just throw up a photo or a sentence for the sake of it. 

DO NOT post from Facebook

These two platforms don't play nice. 

It's absolutely essential that you post original content on Twitter as I just mentioned.  Having a tweet like this: 

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.12.43 PM.png

isn't going to do anything for you. In fact, it will probably hurt your engagement criteria in the algorithm.  You NEED people to interact with your content. There is nothing about that type of post that will help you achieve that.  

It takes two minutes a day to post on Twitter. Therefore, make it count. Videos and photos go a long was in modern media. For example, ONE post on my Nicole Stone Outdoors Twitter account received 27,000 impressions, almost 3,000 engagements, and 50 retweets.  This is with roughly 1,500 followers at the time. My return on investment was incredible. 

Above are my Twitter analytics from my small account. YES, it's worth it! 

Above are my Twitter analytics from my small account. YES, it's worth it! 


Although Instagram is known for being the "hashtag platform"; many people forgot it all started with Twitter.  That's why it's still important to use hashtags when you want your content to be found.  You don't need tenty of them, one or two high volume tags will do!


A great way to to gain followers is by searching hashtags and retweeting engaging content. Not only are you providing your own followers with content; but you are passing along a post that will likely get retweeted - meaning more exposure for you. 

With that said, I personally believe original content should out number repost content. However, distributing high quality content from other users is still a crucial part of the algorithm. If something is in your niche and going viral, reposting it leads to more awareness and potentially more followers. 


"Following for follows" is more acceptable on Twitter than any other platform.  Many Twitter users will follow up to 100 accounts per day (some even more). 

However, I follow only 10 a week for these two reasons: 

  • This way most of my following is "organically" built.  Meaning it's built from quality content and not just a mass following of people I don't care to reach (and likely won't care to engage with me). 
  • Unfollowing the right accounts becomes's much easier (which leads me to the next point). 
Above is an example of the Twitter sidebar that helps recommend you followers.  Use it. 

Above is an example of the Twitter sidebar that helps recommend you followers.  Use it. 


Unless they have content you want to see on your feed consistently - it's OK to unfollow them if they haven't followed you back.  This helps keep your follower to following ratio more respectable.  

I start looking at accounts to unfollow after approximately a week.  If they haven't posted in a week then they aren't active on the accounts.  Inactive accounts aren't beneficial anyways.   

Pin High Performing Posts to the Top for More Retweets

If there is a post that people engage with frequently then it's important that you pin it to the top of your profile.  Therefore, when people visit your profile, that post is likely to keep getting retweets. 

Retweets = more exposure = more followers. 

Stay Consistent

Post at least everyday.  In fact, try to post at least two times a day.  

Try for at least one original piece of content and one retweet.  Add video clips, gorgeous photos, and share viral content.  If you stay consistent with Twitter you will be highly rewarded.  

Don't Use a Scheduler (ALWAYS POST ORGANICALLY!)

You might think you are saving time but you are actually only hurting your reach.  Posting straight to the platform is crucial to growing on Twitter (and every social media platform in fact).  Just think of it this way: Twitter wants you to be on Twitter... by keeping people on it's platform it can continue to be in business.  If everyone used schedulers and weren't actually on the platform, Twitter would have no users and eventually wouldn't exist.  

To get the most out of Twitter, be on it. 

Engage With Your Audience

Social media is made for interaction. Funny how so many content creators forget that. Interact with your audience and interact with accounts that interest you.  This often leads to followers and higher engagement rates.

Respond to messages, respond to comments, and retweet high quality content from other people. 


Twitter's organic reach is incredible.  All it takes is a few minutes each day to interact with your audience and post engaging content.  By utilizing Twitter you will be building your brand, media kit, exposure, connections and TRAFFIC.  Twitter provides a greater organic return than both Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to use it. 

To help summarize this article, I've listed a few of the main points that will help you grow to your first 1,000 Twitter followers. 

  • Make sure to have an appealing profile that people will want to follow.
  • Post engaging content people that people will want to interact and retweet.
  • NEVER post form a third party (no Facebook!).
  • Try to post at least once a day and stay consistent with it. 
  • Use engaging photos and videos liberally.
  • Use 1 to 2 hashtags on your posts to help your content get found.
  • Engage with your audience: reply to comments. 
  • Retweet viral content
  • Interact with other users to increase engagement and visibility. 
  • Don't be afraid to follow and unfollow accounts conservatively. Don't abuse it; use it to expand your Twitter connections and help boost your awareness. 


Need to gain Twitter traffic?! Use this ENGAGING media method, where you post videos and photos to generate a traffic driving Twitter account.  Gain your first 1,000 followers NOW! #socialmedia #twitter #marketing