5 Bloggers Who Make Over 5 Figure Incomes A MONTH

5 Bloggers who make more than 5 figures a month

Blogging can change your life... just ask these 5 famous bloggers who do it full-time.


Most people don't believe me when I tell them about the tremendous money involved in blogging.

Which is unfortunate considering how much there really is. If you have thought about starting a blog, but simply don't have enough motivation for it yet, or are looking for a work-from-home career, but not sure where to find income.  Then this post is for you.

Here are 5 bloggers that make over 5 figures a month. The best part? They lay out their income reports for everyone's viewing.  If that isn't an incentive for blogging, then I don't know what is. 

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle started Making Sense of Cents in 2011 and has since made over 1 million dollars a year. Her website is like having a personal finance coach, where she includes almost every possible way a person can live more frugally or make more money. For as long as I can recall, she posts her income reports.  She made over 121,000 last month alone.  Although she has multiple revenue streams, she is most known for making insane amounts of money through affiliate marketing. She has an awesome course that has been a godsend to me, and everyone who hasn't used affiliate marketing before. You can check that course out here, or by clicking the image below. 



Create and Go is all about starting a blogging business and making a profit at it.  It is created by a couple, Lauren, and Alex, who wanted to work for themselves, to give them the freedom to travel.  The best part of their story? This is their second blog.  Their first is a health and fitness blog called Avocadu, in which they made over $100,000 their first year.  Managing two insane money making websites? Incredible.

So what is their latest monthly report for both blogs? Over $50,000per month.  They are on track to making over $600,000 a year.  Their profit comes from a variety of sources, but they are known for making a large amount of it off their products




The Busy Budgeter

The Busy Budgeter is another personal finance blog.  It belongs to a Rosemagie, a wife and mother who saved up enough money to quit her job. Since then, she has made over $100,000 a month blogging.  Although she quit doing monthly income reports, her last one from January 2016 talks about how she surpassed $86,000.


Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is a food blog (emphasizing that food bloggers make so much money too!) One of their posts shows their one month income of $32,971.75! Let emphasize again, that is per month. It appears that they have stopped posting their monthly income reports, but I assure you that they have far exceeded that number. 


Sarah Titus

I have to recommend Sarah Titus from Sarahtitus.com. Her website is based around ways Mom's can work and still be at home with her kids, but her blog covers WAY more than just that. From making money blogging to managing Pinterest, her content is phenomenal. She was one of the very first bloggers I followed, and her site has been such a huge benefit to my business and dreams as a blogger.  Last report I saw she was making well over 23,000 a month! You can read that here.  She also has resources for bloggers who want to get on their feet.  Just for the record, I recommend anything from her! You can also click on the banner below to learn all about her organization and blogging bundles. 

James Clear

James Clear is one of my all-time favorite bloggers.  In fact, he is one of the main reasons I wanted to get into blogging in the first place.  His main topic? Writing about successful people and what makes them successful. What is unique about his blog is that it is so simple.  No side bars, no clutter, no colors. SIMPLE and so easy to read.  However, he had to earn his right doing that. When you bring in millions of readers... you can. 

He doesn't have an actual income report, so I can't confirm that he makes more than double digits a month, but I can guarantee he probably does better than most of the people on this list already.  He is most known for making a full-time income in less than 6 months. Considering he had a Ph.D. when he quit his job, you can imagine the money he must have brought in within that time frame.  The closest thing to an income report is his annual report, where he shows the millions of page views he receives.  Its absolutely incredible!

You can read his 2016 annual review here.


Do yourself a favor and check out the links (by clicking the headlines or subsequent text) so you can see the amazing life these people have built for themselves by taking a chance on something they believed in.  

Also, make sure to let me know who your favorite bloggers are.  Which ones would you like to see on the list?