Build Your Blog FAST - Without WordPress!

I quit WordPress.


That's right, I quit WordPress and have a better-looking website, write more content, and have been more efficient at blogging than I ever was when using it.

If you've spent any time looking at blogs, or "how to blog", then you know that Wordpress is considered the gold standard.   Of course, it didn't get this title for no reason.   With Wordpress, you are self-hosted, own complete rights to your blog, and have tremendous flexibility to develop your site the way you want.  


But if you are anything like me, then you quickly get caught up in the designing, learning, or trying to be an expert side of it...

Which probably means you don't spend a whole lot of time actually writing content. 

I use to spend hours and hours designing my website... and HOURS.  I had an OK looking website but that's about it. No real content, no plan, just continuous redesign, plug-in updates.. etc.

Maybe you find the plugin updates annoying, struggle to add certain aspects of the code, or can't get your design to look as "professional" as you would like without going through the hassle and expense of finding a designer.

Well, I am here to tell you that is OK.  There ARE alternatives.

The website design world is changing quickly.. to accommodate everyone. 

These alternatives also have eCommerce, SEO optimization, Pinterest rich pins, analytics, and many additional features... ALL BUILT IN.  Which makes them a quicker alternative to Wordpress.

You can find a beautifully finished design, customize it how you want, and start working away on CONTENT within the same day. Isn't that why you wanted a website in the first place? For content?

The best part?

Nobody will even know which website builder you are using. 

So if you are worried you'll be judged by fellow bloggers... don't be :)

The 3 website alternatives listed below are easy, SEO and mobile optimized, customizable, and incredibly simple to use. No experience necessary. 


An example template from Squarespace's marvelous selection. 

An example template from Squarespace's marvelous selection. 

Squarespace is notorious for its beautiful and professional looking templates.  Their designs are marvelous.  They are even customizable, and users are able to access the HTML code for the finer details. 

Their editor is relatively simple, but not as simple as it could be. For instance, you can't change font design, underline or add key features unless you go further into design settings, which can be both time-consuming and inconvenient. However, Squarespace's limitations keep their designs true to their quality. 

All websites are mobile optimized.  For all of you Pinterest lovers out there, you'll be happy to know that Rich Pins is built right in. 

As for the Android and IOS tools, the Squarespace app is very limited. For the most part, you are only able to see statistics and write blog posts (very bare bones).

An example of the side bar and editor. 

An example of the side bar and editor. 


  • High quality, professional looking templates. 
  • Access to HTML Code.
  • Simple but limited editor.
  • Limited IOS and Android App. 
  • Fairly pricey compared to the competition. 
  • No Free Plan.


Examples of Successful Squarespace Websites:

Above is the Squarespace features and pricing. 

A few design options from Weebly

A few design options from Weebly

Most people find Weebly to be a bit easier to customize then Squarespace.  They have a large selection of templates; however, they aren't quite as "detailed and professional" which may or may not be a concern to you.  

Their website builder is very easy to use and they give you access to the code (as with Squarespace).  One of the nicest features is how quickly you can change templates (just in case you get bored with one!)

As for IOS and Android capability?  It is phenomenal. You can edit the entire site using only your phone if you wanted.

Weebly Editor

Weebly Editor


  • Simple Editor
  • Application Center
  • Fully Capable IOS and Android App for Website Editing (the least restrictive of the three)
  • Access to HTML code if desired
  • Interchangeable templates

Examples of Successful Weebly Websites:

Weebly Pricing

Weebly Pricing


A variety of WIX templates are available for customization.

A variety of WIX templates are available for customization.

Wix has the largest assortment of templates and customizable features. It is also the only builder that is truly "drag and drop".  To customize the site, you literally "drag" your content to the location you desire. It is a type of simplicity that many people are searching for.

However, that does come at a price, which happens to be the mobile experience.  So you have to be careful with the design you choose to make.

Wix is also the most popular, with over 100 million users and it includes hundreds of apps for easy integration.

A couple things to be careful of:

  • NO HTML Access... which I guarantee you will find frustrating if you blog.
  • NO Template exchange.
An example of WIX editor

An example of WIX editor


  • Most popular as of 2017.
  • No access to HTML. 
  • A full drag and drop editor.  The most visually adjustable of the three. 
  • Fully customizable, multiple templates, and a variety of applications that can be utilized.
  • No Template Switch after the site is published. 

Examples of Successful WIX Websites:

Wix Pricing

Wix Pricing



Squarespace makes true customization a bit more involved than the other two website builders. However, it has the best FREE templates of any website builder I've seen.

Wix gives a lot of customization and the simplest editor.  However, if you aren't particularly gifted at website design, then this can comprise the quality of your site.  There also isn't access to HTML/CSS code or ability to change blueprints. 

 I find that Weebly is a nice mix of the two.  Not the highest quality templates you will find, but still very appealing with an easier editor than Squarespace. 

All three can help you put together a beautiful website in no time at all. Which one do I use? Squarespace.



Build a Better Website without Wordpress