The Best Alternatives to Cable & Satellite


Why Switching Away from Standard Cable and Satellite Can Save You Thousands

Cut the CORD already.  You can still experience great TV without satellite or cable.  The days of contracts, promotions that end without notices, fighting with customer service for hours to return your price, storm outages (with you satellite users)... no more

Yes, you can still get locals, sports, your favorite channels, movie channels (some of which are very discounted), music channels... all without commitment and you can save a whole lot of money in the process. 

Let's not forget to thank competition either, as these companies are all stepping up their game they are forcing the prices down, finally!  There are becoming more and more AND MORE cord cutting alternatives, at better and better prices.. all of the time.  Therefore, even if you've been dedicated to one of these alternatives, you might want to shop! One of the best parts of cord cutting is knowing you can switch anytime you want without penalty.  So what are you waiting for?

Below are 5 of my favorites for replacing cable TV or satellite and gaining your way to financial and television independence.



SlingTV is the cheapest of the group, offering a base package for $20 which includes everyone's favorites such as AMC and ESPN.  The base package has 20 channels (what I'd like to consider a good pick of channels) with the option to diversify for $25 and add a few more, including my absolute favorite NFL Redzone!  My husband and I utilized this package September through December because we are both die hard football fans and we love how cheap it is. 

  • Packages ranging from $20 - $40 (Cheapest option available)
  • NFL Redzone (Awesome)  & NFL Network Available (Limited)
  • Only 1 Device
  • No DVR Capabilities (yet)
  • Available on Roku, AppleTV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Xbox One, and AndroidTV



Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue is  like Sling on steroids... but you pay a bit more as well.  With Playstation Vue, you get a much larger pick of entertainment, TIVO-like capabilities (in the cloud) and the ability to play it on up to 4 different devices... so if you want to watch it in your bedroom while your spouse watches TV in the living room.. you can.  This is something that can't be done on SlingTV.  The costs range from $30 to $65, but $65 also includes Showtime and HBO, which makes it well worth it if you are big fan of premium channels - or Game of Thrones

  • Cloud DVR abilities
  • Multiple Devices
  • Locals in Select Markets
  • Top Package has over 90 Channels + Premium Movie Channels including HBO and Showtime
  • Available on Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and of course PS3 & PS4


 Channels included in the Playstation Vue Package.  The highlighted channels are the base package, the darkened channels are for higher tiers.  Courtesy of   Playstation Vue website  . 

Channels included in the Playstation Vue Package.  The highlighted channels are the base package, the darkened channels are for higher tiers.  Courtesy of Playstation Vue website


DirecTV Now

This is one of the newer additions to the group, and arguably DirecTV's attempt to compete with Sling (which is owned by Dish Network).  DirecTV offers all of the big names, without a lot of 

  • 72 Hour Rewind
  • Largest Selection
  • $35/mo base package - 60 channels to $70/mo - 120 channels
  • HBO & Cinemax - 5$ each
  • Available on AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast but not on Roku (Yet - as of April 2017)



Fubo is probably the best kept secret.  If you are a sports fanatic and need to get ALL of your locals, then FUBU is for you. The other providers mentioned above, ONLY OFFER LOCALS TO SELECT NETWORKS.  Usually the biggest cities in the country; however, Minneapolis isn't included (which would be somewhat relevant to us).  So keep that in mind. We love sports, including hockey and we DO NOT get our locals on our TV because of this placement in our basement.  Therefore, when we are in NEED of them, Fubo comes to the rescue. They also offer a diversity of other channels for a total of $34.99.  Again, there is NEVER a contract with these.  Mix and match as you please!

  • Local Channels and Sports (no matter where) - NO NFL RedZone
  • Regional Sports
  • Standard $35 Pricing
  • DVR Access
  • Available on AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku & Amazon Fire


Mix and match these with NETFLIX and HULU (share accounts with your friends and family and really save some money) and you will have more TV then you'll know what to do with. We never utilize all of these at once (we never utilize more then one at once, because then we keep it cheap), but we do rotate throughout the year to fit our needs.  In the summer, we usually have no TV at all.  This way we save ALOT of money while still enjoying the channels we actually watch. 

Best of all, they all have 5 or 7 Day Free trials - so you can find out which one works best for you! Or simply use them all and get a free month of TV!