4 Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow to Crush Your Fitness Goals


Take it from these Instagram Stars on How to Take Care of Your Body and Your Dreams


These women are young, incredibly successful and FIT.  They not only work their bodies but they work their ass off at their relationships, businesses and providing incredible content to their followers.  If you need inspiration in your day to day life, these women are the ones to follow.  In fact, I use their content to help guide my diet, workout routines, and lifestyle (including motivation to get up at 4AM and hit the gym!)


Sarah Bowmar: 

@Sarah_Bowmar | @SarahBowmarVideos

With Sarah's incredibly detailed workout videos,  inspirational posts and high engagement rate, its no wonder she boasts over 1.1M followers on her Instagram account. She is constantly answer her follower's questions and providing lengthy and beneficial feedback.  If you need motivation, information and resources, Sarah Bowmar will provide it.  She also utilizes Instagram's "live" features where she answers your questions, live- and she is usually climbing stairs while doing it. Now that's motivation.

  • Fitness Elite

  • Entrepeneur

  • Co-Owner of Bowmarfitness.com

  • Thousands of Videos and Photos relating to workouts and nutrition

  • She also is an outdoor advocate too (which I love)

  • Bowmarfitness.com


Brittany Dawn: 

@brittanydawnfitness | @bdawnfit | @bdawnfitvideos

A huge advocate of flexible dieting, Brittany Dawn inspires her followers with a sustainable approach to fitness and health while making you feel like you know her on a personal level.  Brittany Dawn owns her own fitness company: www.bdawnfit.com where she has a large variety of plans, a blog and her famous Youtube channel that can be found HERE.

  • Entrepeneur - Owns Brittany Dawn Fitness - www.bdawnfit.com

  • Lifestyle based youtube channel - includes fitness, food and general well being

  • Advocate of faith and family


Heidi Somers:

@BuffBunny | @Heidisomersfit

Heidi Somers left North Pole, Alaska and took a chance on new opportunities.  Since, she has become fitness famousIn fact, she has over 1.4 MILLION followersFrom her incredibly inspirational story to informative lifts, her Instagram account is a must follow for inspiration. She also has a killer youtube channel where you can hear all about her journey across the the continent and how she changed her life around.  

  • Started BuffBunny, a brand to inspire women - includes fitness, nutrition and a clothing line

  • LiveFit Athlete

  • Mindful Eating

  • Buffbunny.com


Dr. Sara Solomon:


You can read more about my Intermittent Fasting experience here.

You can read more about my Intermittent Fasting experience here.

Dr. Sara Solomon is the primary reason I began researching intermittent fasting.  When I was browsing the Bodybuilding.com athletes, I couldn't believe when I came across her theory on a simple way of eating: intermittent fasting.  I did my research and I was hooked.  Her Instagram account is filled with inspiring photos (of her rocking bod) and fantastic tips on weight lifting. 

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • IFFYM Advocate

  • Bodybuilding.com Athlete

  • BSN Athlete

  • Entrepeneur of the Fatloss Fast System

  • Dr.SaraSolomon.com



 Have you heard of any of these wonderful women? Anybody you follow?