Learning How to Live With Less: My First Step to Minimalism

I am challenging myself to live a more minimal and meaningful life...


 I challenge you to join me. 

What exactly is minimalism you may ask? It's thrown around all to frequently in today's culture - some people say its a new fad, a political statement, crazy people who try to live off of nothing... 

But it can actually mean practically anything relating to the reduction of excess.. and for the purpose of this post and our goals, lets just call it..

Getting rid of SH*T.


What I mean is:

a reduction in material items in an attempt to appreciate more with less. This is in an attempt to simplify our life, reduce waste and choose to have a higher quality, healthy lifestyle. 

To become more efficient, productive and successful - by not putting too much value, money and effort into tangible items. 

And when I say reduction, I mean please donate... if you aren't going to sell your stuff (or throw the expired) please donate it, as there are people out there who could use it. 

I'm not going to lie, I love material possessions. I love my computer, my phone, my treadmill, my car, the TV (even though I never use it) our house.. I love OWNING things.  But what I don't like is having a closet full things that my husband and I can't seem to get rid of.  To summarize it I hate having a drawer full of makeup that I don't need, that is getting old, but yet, I can't seem to get rid of.. because what if that one day I might decide I need it, because, I'll see those one people who I know will somehow judge me for not looking like I would have if I would have worn that product... Type of feelings.

I hate having a bathroom full of products, chemicals and a reminder of just how much excess there can be. 

For example, our bathroom cupboards look like this:


The worst part is, that is even after I minimized. 

I hate that feeling.

And I hate clutter. And waste.

And did I say how much I hate clutter? 

And waste?

Wasted money on things I could have actually lived without?

If only I had that money back to do some more traveling, experiencing or taking chances on new careers, but instead I just had to have that item.  I just had too..or so I thought.

And by no means am I a hoarder - compared to a lot of my friends, family and coworkers.. we don't have much clutter.

But yet we do have clutter - and I waste way to much time looking for stuff.  I'm one of those cheap bargain shoppers who choose to get more of lower quality items then higher priced items that would have been better and lasted longer... 

and in the end it usually causes me headaches. 

Minimize your Monthly Bills

Minimize your Monthly Bills

So if you have read any of my previous posts - especially about reducing your bills, wasteful spending, being more efficient (if you haven't please click the links), then you know this will fit right in. 

So what is my first step?

Well by seeing the photos and reading what I wrote above... it is minimizing my bathroom cupboards.   

Get rid of the cheap, old hair products that I never use, try to use up any of my remaining items that I find useful.. and try an all new type of hair product.  Something simple, healthy ingredients with only the necessities. Not cupboards full of waste. 

For me.. it is Monat. 

My Future of Hair Products: Simple, Effective ,Quality - Reducing unnecessary products

My Future of Hair Products: Simple, Effective ,Quality - Reducing unnecessary products

Which I will review later.

I hope my cupboard only has those products.. and only a few of them. Thats all I need.

But what are some other ways to "minimize" your clutter?

Live more minimal, clean and simple?


Steps to Practicing Minimalism

  • Go through your closet, your drawers and your cupboards and instantly bag up anything you haven't utilized or worn in a year (or with clothes maybe the last 6 months). These should be sold, donated or thrown depending on the item and its condition.

  • Use up any products that you don't love, and then by all means don't buy them again. Resist from buying until you've used it up to save money and space.

  • Write down what you need vs what you want before buying - remember this time around you are looking for quality not quantity.

  • After a couple months have passed, go through your closest, drawers, dressers again and determine what you haven't cleaned out since part one. And again, dispose of appropriately.

  • Continuously reference your list of what is necessary vs is desired and pick wisely. This includes everything from clothing, food, toys... everything

  • Reduce your bills... figure out which services you need, how many autopay services you may have (and don't even know it) and reduce your spending. You'll be glad. You can learn more about that HERE

  • Spend less money on items and more money on experience.

There are other aspects of minimalism we can dig in deeper too, such as eliminating wasteful relationships, thoughts and habits, but as I've stressed in this entire site... it takes steps. Therefore, start with something simple and work your way towards your goals.

I know that is my plan for the year. 


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