Meet Nicole

Hello Blog Followers!

If you are already following me, or checking this site out for the first time, thank you! 

I really hope you find some beneficial information - or just enjoy checking up on my site and weekly endeavors (I blog creep my favorite writers all of the time)! 

Other then just passing along helpful information, I plan to expand into doing interviews and finding real-life inspiration for everyone to relate to and inspire to

It's for these reasons that I LOVE blogs. I've been reading them for ageswell before I ever considered creating my own.  There is an abundance of information available on the internet regarding any subject,  both factual and fabricated (as we of course all know)...but there aren't many relatablereputable and informative examples! I'm talking about real world photos and explanations justifying how something worked for someone somewhere, which can be used as testimonial for your own benefit. Quality and personal information.  I've read a million research publications thus far in my life, how-to documents, encyclopedia type papers, news articles and the list goes on and on.. but I don't enjoy any of them, or to some degree, trust them as much as I do a well written and inspirational blog. That's why blogs are so fantastic and that is also why they continue growing in popularity.  There are some things you only want to try once you know someone else has.. or someone enlightens you to something you haven't tried.    That is what blogging is all about.

My lovely family.

My lovely family.

And that's what I hope my blog can be to you.  I also take guest posts or any material that I find suitable.. so please feel free to submit something - I love learning just as much as I do sharing. 

This isn't my first blogging rodeo by any means.  I've had some version of a blog for the past 2.5 years, just without a lot of success..  as many bloggers can attest to

I'm a busy person, between grad school, working, being on the road, managing relationships and having ridiculous recreational hobbies... it can be hard to dedicate time to blogging..  But I've got it figured out now.. and I'm on a role - thank gosh. So if this sounds a lot like you too, hang in there. 

As I've learned and greatly improved, I came up with this blog - And it is all about becoming productive, successful and improving yourself. 


My bread and butter career is working as Mesonet Technician/Network Engineer for a state climate network. You're like "whoa the heck is that" right? You won't find that in Forbe's "Best Jobs of 2017" or any article for that matter.  It is probably one of the most unique jobs in the country, and I am extremely proud of what I do.  Not only is it a unique career in general, but it is especially not your typical female job. I drive a big pickup truck, work with tools in all elements of the weather... with some days meaning I work from 6AM to Midnight - Driving and Working... exhausting.  But its that exhaustion that makes me love it. 

I started when I was 22 which means I'm currently on year 4 and am doing quite well. It also means I'm 26, on year 2 of my wonderful marriage, a homeowner and highly educated individual (and still being educated by the way).  I have a bachelor's in Atmospheric Science and a soon to be Masters of Natural Resource Management with an array of courses in between.

But if there is one thing I could do for the rest of my life, it would be this.  Writing, sharing and connecting with all of you.  It's a dream - my dream