Efficient Makeup: Eyebrow Microblading

If you haven't heard, microblading is on the rage these days!  If you want perfect, natural looking brows... you can get them in about 45 minutes, who would have thought?

All of this time we have been trying to pencil, powder, gel our eyebrows.. and there has a solution all along...


This is an example of someone with hardly any eyebrow hairs at all... the results are fantastic. Keep reading to see my microblading results!

This is an example of someone with hardly any eyebrow hairs at all... the results are fantastic. Keep reading to see my microblading results!

If you aren't familiar, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo-like technique that allows you to fill in and form, or completely create, eyebrows.  Except, its hardly like the traditional straight line tattoo brow most of us are familiar with from the past (however, if you do have that, it looks great)... rather it mimics hair so well that you can't tell where your real brows end and where your new brows begin. 

The tool, is of course, called a microblade. Which isn't actually a blade at all, but rather a row of needles, as you can see from Amazon image below. 

The design of the "blade" (aka needles) along with the technician drawing hair like strokes, makes the final result look insanely real.

So I finally figured, why not give it a chance? And although it's hefty up front... it's a lot cheaper then hair coloring, eyelash extensions, spray tans..etc.. over the long term.  Those items might be cheap initially but they are definitely not cheap over time. 

Microblading is affordable in the long run, as it lasts years and for most cases, only requires a touch up every 12-18 months.  In my local area, the cost of a touch up is approximately $100.

One of my good friends won a free microblading service and has been sporting some pretty fine eyebrows since her appointment.  For one, they are symmetrical, for two, they always look well done, but most importantly... she can sweat, swim, shower, rise out of bed having beautiful eyebrows and a symmetrical face! 

I was sold on it! 

I live an active lifestyle.. I go to the gym every morning, I work in the dirt and the hot summer sun, and I absolutely love laying out on the lake in the summer! And I sure as heck hate losing my " pencil thickened brows" in the process of all of that (alot of us have eyebrows that are definitely not identical). Not too mention this provides the benefit of having a shortened (although who am I kidding, it only took me 1 minute to do my brows anyways), makeup routine.  My eyebrows were never bad - but they aren't great either. They have definitely thinned overtime, perhaps from my preteen plucking years, hormones and aging.  However, at a time when thick eyebrows are on the rage... I felt like I belonged in the nineties. 

So I figured why not try? Worst case scenario, I let them fade out over the next 18 months. 

Because let me remind you, they are semi permanent.. not permanent. 

The Appointment 

I found a deal for 50$ off.. so I ended up dropping $300 for the initial work.  I booked the appointment a day before actually going, which was a great idea considering if it would have been much longer I may have backed out all together. 

As for how the process goes... they start off by numbing you with a topical antibiotic.  I ended up being numbed for almost an hour before my actual "procedure".  I went 30 minutes early to make sure I had plenty of time to be numbed; however, they had already accounted for that in my appointment so I waited an hour before she actually began measuring my face.  Something to keep in mind.

After numbing, they measure and mark off where your eyebrows should be with the symmetry of your face.  Now, I hate when they use that terminology, because unless you had some major face surgery or accident.. or have no eyebrows.. your eyebrows are already there biologically.. which is where they should be.  

They are simply measuring to determine where your eyebrows look best with your facial features.. in the eyes of our society.

But alas, I'm a victim to appealing to our societies norms. 

As you can see in the photo below, she raised them creating a larger arch.  I LOVED that thought.


And then she started the process...  It felt like scratches.. when the numbing cream was on, I could hardly feel it, but as it wore off, it felt horrible on the outer edges of my brows.  Not intolerable, just painful... like the feeling you get when someone scratches you over and over again.

Below I have a few close ups of the immediate before and after results. Half way through the process, she trimmed my eyebrow hair and plucked areas as she felt suitable.  I never thought I had unruly eyebrows until she spent so much time grooming them... and until I seen this picture.

As you can see, she increased my arch and really thickened the sides.  Thank goodness.  Not too mention, that when you look at this photo it looks extremely natural. 

Below are a few more posts to see the changes. 

My arch is so much more defined now! Which is exactly what I wanted to help open up my small eyes, which should help me appear more awake.  There are a few areas that need touch ups.. but I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks once they heal.  It is safe to say that I am thrilled with my brows!  Another thing to note is that the color fades 30% or so after the healing process.  Therefore, this is not representative of the actual color and I may choose to go a shade darker, we will see in about two weeks. 


Eyebrow Microblading Q&A

What is the cost of the procedure?

This varies in each locale, but here it ranges from 300$ to 500$ - in some cases the touch up is included and sometimes it is not.  I paid $300 for my initial appointment and will pay $100 for my touch up in roughly six weeks. 

How long do the brows last?

They can last as long as you want them to. Without any touch ups they can last from 1 - 3 years.. with 12 - 18 month touchups they can last as long as you want them to.

How long did the procedure take?

The actually microblading only took 45 minutes... but between the the numbing and measuring I was there for 2 hours. 

How was the pain?

It felt like a scratch.  As the numbing topical wore off.. the scratching felt worse. She re-numbed it part way through and that helped.  The ends of the brows felt the worse.. but in no way was it intolerable. 

What if they fade or don't end up as thick/even or shaped as I want?

The color initially will be darker then its final appearance, it will also be more universal in color.  As it fades it will lighten and the "hair like strokes" will become more natural appearing. After a month or so, if you aren't happy with your results, they recommend you to go back and get them touched up or recolored - this is either included in your initial price or highly discounted. 

What is the aftercare?

They gave me a long list of what not to do in the next 7 to 10 days.  This included to not sweat, make sure I don't soak my brows in the shower, no tanning or excess sun exposure, do not pick or scratch my brows when they itch and be careful to not sleep on them directly. 

When i asked the lady about the strictness of such rules.. she replied with: wear a sweatband working out, don't scratch your brows and don't dive into a bath. 

So readers, interpret that as you wish.


Why would you want to get your eyebrows microbladed?
If you put on makeup regularly, and it fits into your budget (always an important factor), getting semi permanent/permanent makeup can be a great way to accelerate and simplify your morning routine.  Whats the difference between that and caking on makeup every morning anyways? If you believe in a more natural - no makeup route then perhaps this isn't for you. But for most of us, its just a fun and easy way to cut back on some of the makeup supplies and give us a slight boost of esteem when we aren't always looking our pretties (AKA when I'm at the gym, working, swimming or hunting..)


So far I love my brows! I'll post an update after my touch up session in about 5 weeks. If you have any questions feel free to comment or address