Overcome Public Speaking: with some help

Speaking engagements for me are far and few between. However, that doesn't stop me from dreading them and letting that feeling consume my entire mentality.  Of course they say that the cure for this is to just do it… but for many of us who have social anxiety - IT ISN’T THAT EASY.

With what I am pursuing now, I realized I need to get some help. To get better, I have to keep doing it. However, to keep doing it I need some help.

After a few hours of research and visit to the walk in clinic, I found a solution. If you are like me and can’t even handle the thought of a crowd of people, this speaking aid might be right for you .


Public speaking anxiety affects millions  of people, so if this describes you, then know you aren't alone.  For many, being in front of large crowds or even a small group of people can cause major social anxiety; inhibiting their ability to do their jobs, participate in social events and even be part of family gatherings.  Although there are different types of  anxiety medicine for those who really need it to function in their daily lives, I was after something I only needed to take once. Something to simply break the ice.

I went to get some propranolol.

Propranolol for When You REALLY Need to Settle Down

Propranolol is considered a "beta-blocker" and is used to block the affects of adrenaline which initiates the "flight-or-fight" reactions. This reaction is what causes the racing heart and subsequent side effect. This reaction is meant for those times in human history when you would have to LITERALLY run for you life.

However, it’s more of a nuisance than a benefit in our twenty first century lifestyle. When it comes to tasks such as public speaking, it can really get in the way.

My Experience

My experience with propranolol? Incredibly beneficial. 

It isn’t mind blowing, it isn’t addicted, and it doesn’t totally alter your experience. However, for me it kept my mind much more calm and my speaking much more clearer.

Most importantly, I could breath while I was up on stage. Something I have struggled with before.

What is the Solution?

It isn’t pills. I’m not saying that this is what it’s about. The solution is practicing: do it more and more and more until you get desensitized to it. However, to have the stomach and breath to do that can sometimes require a little help. I’m simply saying it’s OK to get help.

How to Utilize Propranolol for Yourself

So what is the best solution for overcoming public speaking anxiety?  Practicing.  Propranolol is a great way to overcome the initial fear.. and help you improve performance.. but it isn't exactly a "fix all".  Its just a great tool to help aid you in your public speaking journey and help you gain confidence.  As I mentioned previously, it is non-addictive so treat it as such and only use it when you know it will make a significant difference. 

Of course, you can't receive this medicine without a prescription.  Therefore, explain your situation to your healthcare provider and let them assess what may be the best for you.

With insurance, the cost of propranolol was less than $5.00, so it was not only beneficial but extremely affordable.  It was a great investment in my career and performance and I highly recommend it to anyone who experiences similar speaking anxieties. 

Do you have fear public speaking? What have your solutions been?