1,500 Pageviews a Day Thanks to This Pinterest Strategy


So Pinterest finally worked out for me.  Yes, you read the title right: 1,500 blog pageviews, all thanks to Pinterest.  This hasn't been an indefinite number, but it was a milestone and a profitable week to say the very least. 

You may ask how I did this? Well, I made some major Pinterest changes


The platform changed it's algorithm again.  Desktop versions no longer show "repin" counts, there have been times when only the "top" of pins have been showing, and our Pinterest feeds have definitely changed...again.

For most of us that probably means our profile leveled off, if not dropped, in recent weeks. If that is you, I have found a solution. 

It's called "Best Pins" and it's the new way Pinterest pushes massive traffic to your website. 


It's a brand new strategy that I invested in right out of the gate: finding "best pins." This means making Google's favorite pins my own. Sounds odd doesn't it?

It's the future of Pinterest and a must have for anyone looking to build their Pinterest traffic.  Pinterest has evolved (like all online platforms do) and now requires you to evolve as well. 

Below I snapped a photo of the exact time I started doing this. 


In the image above you can see the spike in my traffic as soon as I learned how to push my pins to the top.

Now I'm not one of those blogger's who can get hundreds of thousands of pageviews a month (as you can see).  However, I put a lot of time into the platform and it does deliver a modest push of traffic. 

Therefore, I needed to know what to do when I was no longer gaining visitors... but losing them. This definitely did the trick. 


So what did I do, again? I learned all about Pinterest picking "favorites" and how I can manipulate the platform to make them my own.  

So yes, I'm recommending you do the same. 

Now I'm not a fan of courses. I've been burned far too many times, and I don't want you to be taken advantage of like I have. If you aksed me about pInterest courses, I would say don't invest in 90% of them.  They are repetitive and most of the information can be found for free. 

However, this information can not be found for free


This is step-by-step what you should be doing to gain traffic through Pinterest and Google simultaneously.  

Here is the thing, I'd write a course about this if I could... but it's already been taken by one of the most knowledgeable social media gurus I've seen so far.

You'll know, that she knows, exactly what she is talking about within two minutes into the video (yes, that was a mouth full, but you get the point). 

Let's just say, there is a lot more to Pinterest than we all originally thought. 

Let me tell you, I'm a believe now. 


What other bloggers have been saying. 

What other bloggers have been saying. 

It's $30 off right now (as of righting this post). You can get it for $67 instead of $97.  Which would you rather pay? You can check out the link below. 


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