When to Quit Your Job to Pursue Your Own Business (What You Should Know!)

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Knowing when to quit your job to pursue your own dream as a business owner is a serious question.  So much so that it needs to be answered by a person who already has quit their job to pursue a business.  

Considering this is exactly what I have done in the last year, I feel quite comfortable discussing this question in depth with aspiring entrepreneurs. However, it's important to keep in mind that these are only my opinions (based on experience) and you are responsible for making your own decision based on your own situations.

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With that said, I'm excited to share my experience with you.  

A year ago, I wrote this article about how I quit my job to pursue my dreams.  

It's been over a year now and I haven't gone back to a traditional "9-to-5" job.  Rather, I've been on the most exhilarating, stressful, and adventurous period of my life: entrepreneurship

It's taken sacrifice, disappointment, and plenty of mistakes to make it here. It hasn't been easy but it's definitely been worth it!

First, let me start by saying there isn't an absolute "right way".  There are only recommended paths. Some may be longer and more difficult than others, but with a responsible mindset and a good work ethic, you can end up in the same place: success.   

picking the right path to switching careers

My Business 1 Year Later

My original plans (of making my income solely from blog posts) have deviated to assure I make money in the short term as well. This is something many bloggers to do make ends meet.  At the moment, I'm running a media business consisting of numerous different money making entities:

  • Blogging (my FAVORITE)

  • Freelance Writing

  • Website Creation

  • Promoting Brands/Business

I also somehow have managed to create numerous different websites in numerous different niches and therefore do a lot of unpaid, no return work. I guess you could say I love blogging just that much.   However, only one project has been the bread winner: this one. 

My Nicole Stone site and brand took numerous niche changes, improvements, months of marketing, and quite the investment to make work.  But guess what? Now it works.


Quitting my job has been the most stressful, rewarding, exhilarating, and overwhelming experience of my life. It's not only made me grow but given me freedom I hadn't had before. 

For instance, I can now take as many fishing (if you have been getting to know me on here you know I love my fishing) trips as I want. This has been a huge bonus for me but it's also been a bit of an expense.  

For example, every day that I choose to fish I'm not getting paid. There is no more "paid leave".  Instead I have to make a choice: money or fishing. 

That can be quite stressful considering fishing costs money.  However, it's a perfect example of the sacrifices business owners have to make, especially in their developing years. I have freedom to do the things I love, but that freedom comes at a definite cost. 

This is one of the most important things you need to be aware of before you decide to make the switch: money doesn't earn itself. 

 Having more time to do what I love. One of the many benefits of entrepreneurship.

Having more time to do what I love. One of the many benefits of entrepreneurship.

Other Things to Consider

We all have our dreams and "ideas" of what we think entrepreneurship and working from home looks like.  Well, here is where "real life" comes into play. 

  • Nothing happened quite like I thought it would. My goal "A" turned into a different goal "B" then "C" and so forth. Where I started out isn't where I'm at (which is a stressful but a good thing!)

  • Everything took way longer then I thought it would (like way, way, way longer).

  • I said I was going to work 60 hours day. Didn't happen.

  • Going to the gym is no easier now then it was at my old job. Should it be? Sure... but it doesn't work that way.

  • The online community can be a brutal one. I've made some incredible friends and also have gone through some excruciating criticism, threats, and more. I wasn't mentally ready for it at the time but I eventually had to be.

  • Rejection became normal.

  • All of my insecurities had to be left in the dust.

  • It's true that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease". If you don't go after it than someone else will. If they get it then you don't.

However, for everyone dissapointment there is a much bigger reward.  Here are the incredible benefits about taking the leap and working for yourself:

  • I pick my own schedule.

  • I pick my own clients (if I don't like them I don't work for them).

  • Building something out of nothing is incredibly rewarding.

  • I've had time to pursue my other passions, which has led to personal accomplishments (such as guesting on a TV show, being invited to media events, receiving gear deals, etc...).

  • Receiving enough sleep when I need it (if I'm really not feeling good - I stay in bed until I do).

  • I learned to me more dependent on what I think of myself then what other people think of me.

  • Most importantly, I stopped dreading the other five days of the week.



Now that you know these details, you are still wondering when the right time to quit for you is.  

Well here is the thing, there isn't exactly a right or a wrong.  In fact, I've heard of bloggers who waited until they vastly exceeded their previous job's income before going full-time. I've also heard of others who decided to quit, sell everything and start with nothing.  Both became successful. 

However, keep in mind these are both on the extreme sides of the spectrum. Despite this, they still had one thing in common when they quit their "9-to-5": a plan. 

If you don’t start you can never grow”

When You Have a Plan in Place

 It's important to create a plan and be productive!

Therefore the first step into leaving is to have a plan. You will end up changing your plan but it will at least keep you on track initially.  It will also give you ambition, connections, and "mini" goals that will help train yourself to actually work.   It will also get you at least started in the right direction. 

Most importantly, you can't edit a blank slate. You need a plan to start with first to be able to build upon. If you don't start you can never grow. 

A few additional things to consider when plannning:

Are you planning on being a blogger? If so, consider the following:

  • Have you started your blog? Creating a blog takes money and time.

  • Have you built up an audience? You don't need thousands of views yet but you need to have an understanding of how to get some.

  • Do you have affiliate programs or services setup? Applying to programs takes time, and promoting those programs take even more time.

Are you looking to freelance or sell different services? Then be sure to consider the following:

  • Have you built a website? You will need one of those. It will need to be professional and maintained.

  • Do you have a portfolio? Start one now. Add your relevant work experience, education, and samples.

  • Do you have a marketing plan in place: Having a website, copy material, and marketing presence is essential. I recommend starting these well before you even get serious with your job.



The next thing you should be considering is your current financial situation. Working for yourself means there is no guaranteed income.  This means there are times when there is even NO income at all.   Want to take a vacation? Then be ready to lose money from it. 

That's why building up a savings is crucial to your success. 

Matt and I had paid off some debt and had a years worth of my salary saved up to help support us.  Not too mention, he stayed with his job.  Having his income still kept us secure.  Therefore, I could work on my business, still have a life, and still sleep at night.  

Most importantly, I wasn't forced into an employee position when the first setback occurred (of which many occurred). 

When You Have Already Made Consistent Money

Make Money Writing.jpg

I highly recommend making some money before making the switch.  If you have at least made something, even as little as $500, it can help build your confidence and help you know your limits.

Whether it be from freelancing, blogging, surveys, etc... knowing you can put money in your pocket when you need to is a crucial step into building your confidence and your business

Consider Alternate Money Making Methods

Even if your goal is to become a full-time blogger, you may not be able to make enough income right away. However, there are many other ways you can make money. This includes:

  • Freelance writing

  • Website development

  • Virtual assistant work

  • Website rating

  • & so much more. You can read my entire article on ways to earn money online right here.


You need to love. You will need to be obsessed with your business otherwise you won't work on it.  When I mean obsessed, it's what you should be thinking about, learning about, and trying to do no matter how little of time you may have during the work week. 


You may not sleep, or live, as comfortably as you once did.  Why? Because you will now experience a lot of uncertainty. You won't know exactly when your next pay check will come, you aren't guaranteed pay, and you will certainly risk spending more then you make.  

Therefore, it's important to understand the risk and if it's right for you. Some people excel under this stress while others don't. 

Here is my advice to you:

Explore Your Options before you go full-time

Unless you are making a liberal amount of money already, try to diversify your income out of the gate.  The easiest way to do this is to offer a service such as freelance writing, social media marketing, consulting, etc...

It's important to know that in the beginning you will most likely need more than one source of income.  This will help you not only make sure you are making enough income, but will also provide you with important connections that will benefit your business in many other ways. 


I recommend putting together a plan and a list of goals.  Write down your income goals, work hour goals, and savings plan. Then I recommend a way to reward yourself when you reach those goals. This helps you keep yourself accountable and helps you create an employee and employee relationship with yourself. 

In summary, it's important to focus on:

  • A plan: Make a business plan for yourself. Include:

    • Goals: Write down income goals, productivity goals, and outreach goals.

    • Rewards: Determine how you will reward yourself when you meet these goals.

    • Structure: Determine how you will structure your day/weeks/months to meet these goals. It's easy to get side tracked everyday if you don't.

  • Making a Profit First: Learn how to make a profit before you quit.

  • Having Money for Security: A generous savings account will make this whole process a lot easier.

  • Having a Healthy Mindset: Know that this will take risk, time, and dissapointment. You will need to improve yourself, your plan, and your skills overtime to be successful.

To learn more about the ways you can make money, also check out:

Finally believe in yourself.  No one can make your own dreams happen but you. Understand the preperation, sacrafice, and effort involved in success.

However, also remember that you will more than likely regret NOT doing it.  You have one chance at your own life so make it count. 

Below are my FAVORITE resources that I use to run my business.. both blogging and marketing.  

  • Bluehost: I use Bluehost to host nearly every website I develop. It's reliable, affordable, and customer service is fantastic.
  • Convertkit: After Mailerlite's big error (where their users emails were all being marked as spam) I've come to the conclusion that it's hard to beat Convertkit. It's powerful, reliable, and built specifically for bloggers. Click the link for a free trial!

 When is the right time to quit your job to pursue your dream as an entrepreneur? I go through exactly how I do it, what I recommend, and what you NEED to think about before you commit to doing so. Everything you should think about when working for yourself is right here! #workathome #entrepreneur #business #blogging
 Learn when to quit your job to pursue your career! Everything to think about. #career #entrepreneur #blogging

The 10 BEST Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs That ACTUALLY PAY

My first income from the online world was generated from writing. It was a life changing experience that has given me freedom and allowed me to work from home. However, it wasn't easy. 

It was a heart breaking, challenging grind in the beginning.  I was:

  • rejected

  • not paid

  • humiliated

  • constantly criticized

  • disappointed in myself

and nearly defeated...

This is something I think many new freelance writers and bloggers experience.

However, the only difference between those that make it and those that don't are the ones that make it don't give up.  They take it, learn from it, and improve it.  

 Becoming a successful freelance writer means NOT giving up and preserving every time an article pitch gets rejected.

Once you establish that YOU are going to be one of the ones that make it, the biggest challenge in the process is figuring out where to start. 

It wasn't pretty at first, but I learned the process.  From building a portfolio to pitching myself correctly to businesses, I learned a lot in my first 6 months of "trying to make it" and I'm here to share that information with you. 

Below I put together a list of places you can find freelance opportunities.  However, before you go crazy applying for writing jobs, you may also want to check out my guide to finding your first freelance client right here. 


Just like having a resume is important for a  job application, having a portfolio is important for freelance writers. Below is what you should have in your "toolkit" before you begin. 

  • A blog: Your blog will be your portfolio. It's the easiest and most beneficial way to build your brand and show off your skills. A portfolio will include your own blog posts, examples of digital published work, and a brief overview of yourself and your skills. This is also your resume/cv.

  • A niche: It's better to be an expert in something than being simply OK at everything. Try to figure out where you would like to focus and put your energy there.

  • SEO and copyright skills: To be a successful freelancer, you are going to have to learn how to drive traffic. I have a blog post all about SEO that you can read here.

  • Some serious guts: Learning to put yourself out there and pitch yourself to companies is a challenge.

Are you worried about your insecurities (we have ALL had them)?

You are going to have to learn to push through them. You will be let down and criticized.  However, the more you experience failure, the easier pitching, promoting, and growing will become. 

  • Time and consistency: Those who make it are those who are willing to make mistakes, adapt, and stick with it. This takes time.

After you understand these important variables you can take the next step: start finding the right jobs.    


 It's important for new freelance writers to explore all of their options when looking for a new job.

The first group of opportunity comes from job boards.  These are easier than cold pitching and more flexible than content mills.  In fact, they are actually similar to traditional job searching: you look at ads and apply to them.  

However, not all job boards are created the same.

Below are my favorites. These are free and easy to use for any new writer. 

I also have an entire article on job boards you can find right here.  

1. Problogger

Problogger is by far my favorite freelance writing board. It does a fantastic job board displaying relevant information and quality opportunities.  No membership needed, no complicated sign-up stipulations, and no redirecting you to an irrelevant job site.  In fact, you can apply right on the platform for many of them. 

It not only shows you available projects but often times shows the pay. This helps you decide if it's worth your time or not.  

Not to mention, the site is completely loaded with fantastic advice for every writer aspiring to go full-time in the writing and blogging community. 

The best part is that it's free. 

2. Freelance Writing

My next job board of recommendation is FreelanceWriting.com.  It pulls from different sources to provide endless writing opportunities. However, it also has a long list of jobs for any freelancer, whether it be in social media or design.  It shows the price, doesn't require a membership, and also provides beneficial resources to help you on your journey.  It's very similar to ProBlogger, but often times offers different opportunities. 

3. bloggingpro

BloggingPro is very similar to the other two as well (can you tell I like membership free resources?) 

It provides "no strings attached" opportunities and is completely free. You can search for jobs by keyword, category, and type. It's easy to use and apply. 

I recommend checking out all three (ProBlogger, FreelanceWriter, and BloggingPro) when you start applying to jobs!

freelance writing photo.jpg



My "highest quality" freelance jobs have happened thanks to cold pitching.  If you aren't familiar with cold pitching, it's when you "pitch" your services to a company that is not actively seeking to hire. The word "pitch" means you are writing to them, describing how your skillset can help them accomplish their goals (even if they don't know what those goals are yet.  You will fill them in on that too). This often leads to bigger and better opportunities. 

However, many people get hung up on where to start with cold pitching.  

One of the best pieces of advice I have is to do a Google search for the industry you want to write in. Then, take notes on the prospective businesses.  Analyze the following questions: 

1. Do they have a blog?

If they do, then see what their content consists of and determine you can improve it.  When you are cold pitching it's important to mention your skill set; however it's more important to mention how you can help them.  Can you provide them with the following benefits?

  • In-depth content

  • Copyrighting

  • Email marketing

  • SEO

If they don't have one, pitch them the idea. 

2. Are there any old ads?

Businesses with older ads that can still be found across the web are perfect for cold pitching. In fact, I've taken contact numbers from these websites and pitched new and fresh ideas to them regarding what they wanted previously.  

It worked. 

When cold pitching, you need to collect contact information and knowledge on businesses you want to work with. Then, you reach out and let them know why they need. 

  • If you know your skill set can benefit them - let them know how!


I know there is a large "anti-content mill" movement in the freelance world.  However, don't let that deter you from using the right ones.  Some might not pay as well as "cold pitching"; but some do, and they even bring the work TO YOU. Below are high paying content mills. They require you to apply and have a portfolio.  However, the payout is high. 


Contently pays incredibly well, period.  Many writers can get up to $1 per word if they want to. However, it isn't the easiest platform to gain clients with if you are new to blogging (or even experienced). 

Signing up for contently is quick and easy. However, be ready to provide examples (like on all of the high-end content mills here). If chosen, the pay is exceptional for any standard. 

There is tremendous competition and you have qualify.  Even if you don't get accepted the first time, don't be afraid to try again. 


Scripted works similar to contently for the simple fact that the pay is high; but so is the competition.Therefore there is a fairly vigorous vetting process and writing samples are a must.  Make sure when you apply that you have online published samples with your name in the byline.  

Once you are accepted you are rated based on your samples. The best work goes to the best writers first. However, you can keep climbing the ladder until you receive the first opportunity at the best paying jobs. 

7. clearvoice

I've used Clearvoice before and the average pay per 1,000 words tends to be roughly $100.  However, some will be exceptionally higher. Clearvoice works by having you send an application with work samples to them.  They then choose the jobs you can apply for.  You will receive a notification in the email when they have jobs ready for you.  When you do, be sure to apply within a given time period or the opportunity goes to someone else. 

8. Constant Content

Constant Content pays well.  However, it also requires registration.  To make the "cut" you are going to have to have advanced writing skills and an impressive portfolio. However, if you have been writing for a little while, I highly recommend you start applying here.  Average pay is significantly higher then Upwork AND they help pair you with businesses in your expertise.

Sign up below for some of my greatest resources, traffic generators, and tips to kicking off your blog and business the right way. 



9. Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups can be a fantastic way to connect with fellow freelancers, bloggers, and potential clients.  This is one of the BEST ways to build a brand and meet people that will help you find work and conquer your goals.

Do a search for freelance writing Facebook groups and ask to join.  Most of them pass around opportunities weekly AND they answer your questions, give you motivation, and help you build your blog. What's not to like about that? 

 Just remember, nothing is more important than having a quality profile.  They need evidence that you can write. 

10. LinkedIn

Once you can build up your profile, LinkedIn is a freelancer's dream come true. LinkedIn allows you to get:

  • Work that comes to you

  • Work from LinkedIn groups

  • Work from LinkedIn job boards

Once you have a reputable business and an impressive profile (meaning you have published work and a successful track record) LinkedIn can hand the opportunities to you. It's incredible.

If you haven't already, sign up! Fill out your profile, connect with people and employers in your niche, add articles and show off your success. It's easy... and once it's complete it can do the work for you. 

 Failure is feedback to help you start over and be better. Freelance writing tips for beginners.


Be ambitious and aggressive.  Nobody is going to make this happen for you. It's up to you to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and ultimately chase what you want.

You will get turned down, you will get criticized, and you will think about giving up. However, don't forget that the difference between those that make it and those that don't:  the ones that keep going and keep getting better will succeed. Stick with it. 

If you have any questions or need encouragement, feel free to reach out to me anytime! I usually respond within 3 to 4 days. 

 Make money freelance writing with these sites! Earn money from the comfort of your home with these freelance opportunities! #freelance #earnmoneyonline #workathome
 The best places to find freelance writing jobs that actually pay!! Exactly the sites I used to start my full time business! #writing #workathome

What to Do if Pinterest Blocks Your Website (Complete Guide!)

There has been an influx of websites marked as "spam" on Pinterest lately.  This means people's websites are becoming blocked and every one of their links being considered spam.   If this is you, don't worry.  I have the solution.

I woke up one ambitious morning only to find that Pinterest had marked my site as spam.  That's right, it blocked every single pin on Pinterest (I have hundreds). The message I received in return? "Sorry we blocked this link because it may lead to spam".  There is absolutely nothing "spammy" about my site.  

 The dreaded message I received when Pinterest blocked my website. 

The dreaded message I received when Pinterest blocked my website. 

Pinterest is my second biggest source of traffic (next to Google) so a loss of Pinterest is a major hit to my business.   The other issue that concerned me was with customer service.  Social media platforms have terrible customer services. Pinterest is no different.

There is no:

  • Direct Customer Support
  • Chat Windows
  • Numbers to Call

There is literally no direct help.  There is only a FAQ page which will eventually lead you to a button that you can click on that will redirect your to a form...  You will need to get to this form.  To help you out, here is the link: Pinterest Help Center. 

Once you are there, follow these instructions:


You will see "What do you need help with?*" box. Make sure to click on "Business accounts". 

 Pinterest for Business Help



When the "Tell us more*" box pops up, be sure to click on "Pinterest blocked my site".  

Pinterest Blocked My Site



Pinterest will then notify you of why they think your site should be blocked.  Don't bother with this. If you know your URL is good, scroll to the bottom and hit the red button that says "I still need help".

Pinterest "Still Need Help" Buttom


Once you click on "I still need help" you will receive a form box to your right as shown below.  You will have to fill out that box.  For title put " Pinterest incorrectly blocked my site" or something similar. 

In "Description" put " My site was incorrectly blocked..." with a short detail.  If your WHOLE site is blocked (every pin is marked as spam) then be sure to add that to your message. 

Also, you MUST add:

  • Your Website URL 
  • A link to a pin that is showing that it's blocked

Then (this is ** important**) copy that exact description you just wrote because you will need it again. 

  Above is an example of the Pinterest Help Form that appears when trying to appeal the block. 

Above is an example of the Pinterest Help Form that appears when trying to appeal the block. 


After you hit submit you NEED TO WAIT to receive an email confirmation.  This may take some time to hit your inbox; however, you must be ready when it does (be sure to check spam, social, or promotional folders if you don't see it). You will need to respond in a timely matter. 


Responding to this email is ESSENTIAL to them fixing the issue.  Be sure to watch for the email (it may end up in spam).  

Pinterest Website Spam Response


Copy and paste your original message.

See below: 

What to do if Pinterest blocks your account

Send it and you are done!

This should be addressed within 48 hours. If it isn't, then try to contact them again.  Another piece of advice I received from a blogger was to also have other bloggers report the issue for you and/or have Tailwind (if you have an account) help you out as well. 

 In a panic because Pinterest blocked your website? Don't worry! I go through the step-by-step instructions on exactly HOW you can get it fixed quick and easily! #pinterest #pinteresttraffic #socialmedia #marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Pinterest Group Boards in 2018

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10 Ways You Can Make Major Money Online In 2018

 10 ways to make money online!

Making money online has never been easier than it is now.  With more companies focusing on remote opportunities, the freelance market is on fire.  With unlimited resources, contacts, and platforms .. 2018 is your time to break out in the online world. 

Whether you want extra spending money or a whole new career, I go through the ten best ways you can make a money online this year (and they aren't surveys!)

*This post may contain affiliates. See my disclosure for more


Freelance writing is one of the BEST ways you can make money online.  

When I started out, I made hundreds on the side freelance writing.  It was something I enjoyed and could do on my own time. It can also pay very well.  It's not uncommon for quality writers to get between 100$ - 300$ per 1,000 word post, some even get more.

To get started, you need to create a digital portfolio.  To learn more about this, I've included my completely FREE freelance email course you can enroll in below.  


Being an online VA is one of the most underrated methods for making money online.  Not to mention, it has one of the largest job markets, Why?  Because every business, blogger, and industry needs someone to help them with their everyday tasks.  This means opportunities are endless. 

Examples of virtual assistant jobs include:

  • Data Entry
  • Call Service Support
  • Social Media Assistants
  • Pinterest Assistants
  • Chat Representatives
  • Executive Assistants
  • And more!

There are tremendous training opportunities for people looking to be a VA.  To get a better idea of job availability, you can check this Virtual Assistant Website, where you can take online training courses, apply for jobs, and get a better idea of the market. 


How would you like to teach English to kids in China? While making $17 - $22 an hour to do so?

VIPKID already has 20,000 teachers working with them and they are looking to add more! The best part?

  • They provide all of the training
  • You get to work at home
  • You work on your OWN time

All you need to do is fill out this simple application.   Many teachers are currently making over $2,000 a month from their efforts. 



 10 ways to make REAL money online in 2018. Making money online has never been easier than it is now.  With more companies focusing on remote opportunities, the freelance market growing, and unlimited resources teaching you how to profit from the internet... 2018 is your time to breakout in the online world. #makemoney #profit #income #finance #workfromhome

Blogging is a fantastic way to make an extra 100/mo or an extra 100,000/mo.  It just depends on how much effort you want to put into it.    My favorite "rich" blogger of all time makes over 100,000 a month, with over 50,000 of it being from affiliate sales alone (which we will go over next).  That is a lot of passive income.  

You can find out exactly how she did it here. 

Other ways blogger's make money is through ads, sponsorships, products, services... you name it!

If it's something you'd like to learn more about, my post: How Blogger's Make Money, will walk you through all of the details.  

Start your blog today (It's one of the ways I make money!)


So what exactly is affiliate marketing? Well, you simply get a commission every time you recommend a sale.

Affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with blogging. However, you don't need to be a blogger to make an income from affiliates.  Social media, word of mouth, and email are all fantastic ways to gain affiliate income as well.

In fact, many Youtuber's make significant money from affiliate marketing without ever having to make a website.  They simply leverage the benefit of video to make the sales.  And the reality is, video has higher a chance of converting than writing.  So, if video is your thing (and writing long, lengthy posts are not) your just as well off in the affiliate world. 

You can also learn how Michelle make 50,000 a month from affiliates right here. She also offers a course where she teaches you exactly how to do it for yourself.  I took it and I highly recommend you do too!


Anybody can sell on Amazon if they are willing to find an "in demand" product at wholesale price. If that product can appeal to the amazon market, they can set themselves up to make an incredible profit. 

 Creator's can also make profit if they can find a large enough market (with low enough competition) for their creations. Although, I found choice number one to be the more popular of the two choices.

There are numerous Amazon FBA courses available that can help you navigate the process.

I posted the video above for entertainment purposes, but it's actually quite motivating. 

Now, I'm not saying that every video on Youtube is legit because that's definitely not the case. However, common sense says the platform wouldn't work if there wasn't significant profit to be made. These two also sound like they know their stuff. You can learn a lot about the process if you give it a listen.

If you like the idea of creating or simply redistributing, products on the side, then Amazon might be right for you. 


Etsy is a popular platform for creators.  If you are into crafting or art, it's a perfect platform to try out the eCommerce world.  You simply list your items in the Etsy store and use the site's audience to make sales (which is easier than trying to start your own online store). 

I'm not an Etsy expert, but I've heard of many women making a killing with their products.  This article by around.io does a good job listing the items you can profit on with Etsy. 


Have you ever heard of Flippa? Well, it's this nifty site where you can buy and sell websites. 

Obviously, you have to have a decent knowledge of marketing and SEO to make this profitable. However, there is a huge benefit to using aged domains over new ones: they rank better in Google. 

Some of the websites on the platform are junk, while others are diamonds in the rough.  They simply need someone to shine them up for a new audience.  

If you are good with marketing and have a decent knowledge of Wordpress (the most common platform on the site) you will do well flipping sites.  

You can find out more at flippa.com.


Drop shipping is like having a retail store without all of the physical headaches. 

Essentially, drop shipping is where you get to sell items without stocking them yourself.  It's almost like a hybrid between affiliate marketing and Amazon sales.  You do the marketing, promotion, sales, etc... but the wholesaler does the shipping.  This saves you both money and space.

The best part is that you can sell your favorite retail products from anywhere.  All you need is an internet connection. 

To find out more about drop shipping, watch the video below and check out this article by Shopify. 



If you have knowledge where people need it, you can profit from it. That's right, selling your knowledge is the real deal. 

There are so many different topics you can consult on.  All you need is a platform to selly our knowledge and an audience to buy it.  

Examples of online consulting services include:

  • Fitness/health
  • Life Skills
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Tech
  • Real Estate
  • And many more!


So what is the one requirement for all of these opportunities? Having an online presence.  You should be active on social media, you should have some sort of medium for people to view your brand, and you need to build people's trust.  

Below I included my FREE online writing class. It's not only geared at writers, but also anyone looking to build an online presence and portfolio.  

 Learn 10 ways to make a killing online in 2018!! 10 different online methods to make a side income or a full-time income online! Check it out! #socialmedia #makemoney

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