Lucky Tackle Box Unboxing & Review: Is it Right For You?

Have you been thinking about subscribing to Lucky Tackle Box, but aren't sure if it's right for you? Check out my review below for everything you need to know!

Lucky Tackle Box Review


About Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box is a subscription box for fishing lovers who want to be surprised every month! It comes equipped with a variety of tackle for your designated species, all for one low cost.  Not only is it fun to receive surprise gear in the mail, but it's even better knowing that you get to try new baits and expand your inventory without "store stressing". This is that wonderful (cue the sarcasm) feeling you get every time you step into a store to buy a new lure but come out with the same one, time and time again. Yes, that's me.

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Lucky Tackle Box Options

One of the best parts of Lucky Tackle Box is the sheer number of options they have. They have every type of box you can imagine, so no matter what your favorite fish are, you'll find something that accommodates your needs. As Minnesota natives, my husband and I, of course, use the walleye box. A list of their other options is below, so you can find the perfect box! 

Photo credit: Lucky Tackle Box

Photo credit: Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box Pricing:

I always recommend trying a box at the full price at least month or two BEFORE subscribing long term. Even though the discount is tempting, some people are disappointed, mainly due to unfair expectations. If you understand that subscription boxes are meant for you to find new gear, new connections, and to be surprised, then you will love subscribing to them. However, don't expect to get your perfect gear for the perfect prices every month. That's simply not reality, nor the purpose of the box. 

Make sure to check out my subscription box guide found HERE, to help you determine if it's something that is right for you.

August 2017 Unboxing Review

Lucky Tackle Box assortment.JPG

I was very satisfied with my first month's box.  It was filled with crank baits, something I use, I love, and find quite valuable. I have a  list of the gear included, as well as the advertised price, below.  Remember, these prices can sometimes be inflated compared to store value; however, some lures can't be found in a store at all. Just another reason to give it a shot - if that is something you are into.

Below is a photo of the assortment of bait.  If you zoom in, you can match the baits above with their image below.  That way you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

The assortment of Lucky Tackle Box Bait from July

The assortment of Lucky Tackle Box Bait from July

Should You Buy It?

If getting new and unknown gear is an exciting feeling for you, then yes. Just remember that there will be items you either don't like or don't use.  However, finding a few "diamonds in the rough" can make it beyond worth it. It gives you a chance to discover different brands and different baits. Many of these you would have never known about without the subscription box.  It also makes a great gift for someone who loves surprises and fishing.  What's better than receiving all of this FOR FREE as a gift?

However, if it doesn't fit in your budget with ease, OR you get worked up over purchasing items that don't always work the way you hope, then I DON'T recommend the product. Only you know how you will react. So choose wisely, and don't blame the brand if it didn't suit your expectations. 

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